Friday, January 4, 2013


2012 is finally over and its time to focus on the new year. Since this is a running blog, that's what I will focus on. 2012 racing didn't pan out like I had hoped. There were definitely some solid races and some PR's but we all have that ONE focus race. My 2012 focus race was Wasatch. Ironically that was also my last post. After the disappointing run in September it took some time to recover both physically and mentally. The physical part seems good (hamstring feels pretty nice) the mental part is still a little bruised. I did run the Zion Traverse and the Antelope 50k but they were both with little expectations. The Zion run was definitely a great time. No times, no pressure and lots of fun and friends. Antelope 50k went much better than I expected. A great race send off and may have lifted the spirits just a little.
 For 2013, I obviously have some goals in running. The race schedule is filling up quickly and my calendar is looking good! No luck with Western or Hardrock lotteries but I am holding out hope for Wasatch. To the right I have posted my 2013 schedule and I am very excited. I will be returning to some of my favorite familiar races and trying a few new ones. There are a few 100's and the spotlight run is not even a race. It is Softrock- 3 days 100 miles on the Hardrock 100 course with Scott Jaime as the tour guide.
In the "off-season" I have focused on strength training a bit with friends at Bomber Athlete. Tried to slow down the running to let the hammy heal properly all the while nervous I was losing my fitness.
For the new year I really want to do a much better job of focusing on consistency and even blogging. Why blogging? It makes me more accountable and helps me track and see what works and what doesn't.
My secret weapon- HUMR's! The Happy Utah Mountain Runners are the key. The keep everything fun and keep me accountable. I enjoy them and they help me just enjoy it when I may not.
The PI Ultra Team has gone through some changes for 2013 and I will be stepping away and no longer be the Team Director. 6 years ago the team was an idea and I had no idea what it would become. I am very proud of what we did and enjoyed it very much.
In 2013 I will be running under the HUMR Ultra Team banner. A small group of like-minded people who love the trails. We collected some great sponsors and some help. We got some great kits and we will be having an amazing time this year so keep your eyes open people.
So 2013, I am gonna push it. See what i am capable of but focusing on the journey.
I look forward to seeing some familiar faces in Moab this February and seeing some sweet single track all year!
For 2013- If your Dreams don't scare you, they are not BIG enough!- Dream Big!