Thursday, December 25, 2008

2008- Review and Thoughts

What a year! I look back now and still can't believe it. So many highs and so many lows but the highs definitely out numbered the lows.
(on top, me at mile 55'ish of Wasatch 100)

5 low points of 2008:

5- My diet. This will continue to be a struggle.

4- Not being a part of an amazing Hardrock 2008. Sorry brutha!

3- Struggleville at the Wasatch SpeedGoat- basically all day long!

2- Vomiting at Wasatch- first time and sure not my last!

1- My damn Achilles tendon!!

Top 5 things of 2008:

5- Cutting into my time at the Buffalo Run (again).

4- Watching a good friend finish his first 100. (Phil @ the Bear-proud of you man!)

3- Scott Jaimes run at Hardrock. Way to go Fast One!
2- Being supported at the Wasatch 100. Every single aspect!

1- Finishing my first 100- The mighty Wasatch 100. Proud moment for the Manning/Barnes family

Overall- I learned alot. I learned that limitations arethings you put on yourself. I honestly never thought I could finish a 100 mile trail run and even during the adventure I had my doubts but luckily things worked out.

I learned you can balance family and running- its can be tricky but I am definitely fine tuning it.

I learned that the race is teh celebration and there is no better way to celebrate than with friends and family.

I learned that training can suck but not nearly as bad as running a race on poor training.

I learned that running is truly a battle against yourself. I know now I will never finish first but for me, that is not what is important.

I learned that baby steps are inevitable for success. Don't try too much at once. Patience can be key.

I learned that running trails and be a husband can go hand in hand. I make tons of mistakes but they are always there for me. No matter how bone headed I can be.

I learned you need to take chances...thanks Fish.

I learned that even though you can have thoughts of giving up, your friends think higher of you.

I learned that it may be a good idea to take a small mirror with you in a race and when times get tough you can take a look in it to see why you should go on.

I learned that through running, friendships can be made, strengthened and enjoyed at any distance.

I learned about myself. Running is truly raw. Its primal. It can break you down to nothing leaving you feeling humbled, distraught, hurting, suffering and weak but it can also make you feel like a hero in your own story.

I learned that I am indeed an ultra runner and no matter how hard on myself I can be, I can't compare myself to other runners.

2008 was indeed a success. I can't believe its over. The last few months, I really missed running but maybe the injury will make me hungrier and stronger for 2009. 2008 was an incredible journey and the Wasatch 100 was my token. I will never forget my first 100, the terrain, the people, the support and everything in between.

I want to thank all my friends-Phil, Scott M, Jamie, Tom, Kacey, Fish, Ron, Lisa, Erik, Christian, Josh, Paul, Raye Jean, Rick, Nicole, Jaxon, Myles, Brad, Justin, and of course the man who started it all- Edward and the countless others I am forgetting-whether through kind words, time on the trails or the amazing encouragement and support- I really don't know how fun this journey would have been.

My family- my two beautiful daughters-Samantha- for always believing in me even when I didn't, Aspen- your smile and innocence that reminded me of life and what its all about and my amazing wife Melony- without you none of this is possible. You have been there every step of the way, i love you.

Now for 2009- here I come and once again

No Excuses...No Regrets...Leave Nothing!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just some random babble

Well, not that people rally read this but the few of you that do, i am still alive. I have been fighting this Achilles issue and haven't been doing much. The holiday season is here and I love Christmas time so we have been very busy. We are traveling to Colorado Springs for Christmas and to Texas for the week after. It will be weird traveling with no races involved.
I have been getting on the treadmill for some very low miles and low intensity. It's tough.
I will soon post my overall thoughts of 2008 and plans for 2009.
One thing that i have found to help my Achilles is......are you ready for this....Wii Fit.
We got this and the balance and yoga stuff is awesome. I had a friend tell me I may be the first person to run a 100 miler being fit only by the Wii.
And lastly, I have been very busy putting together the athletes and sponsors for Team Pearl Izumi-Smith. This really is turning into a full time gig. It's still fun though.
I work for an amazing company, I work with amazing athletes and people, I have great friends through the team sponsors and lastly I have my family. What could be better? Oh ya, my damn Achilles. Well its snowing so I better go get my skis out....