Monday, September 13, 2010

A little mojo can go along way...I hope!

Well, I didn't get to pace at the Wasatch 100 over the weekend but that's okay. I had the opportunity to hang out at Lamb's Aid Station for a few hours and then go to the finish. Saw lots of friends and made a few more. Most importantly though I got that feeling back. It wasn't anything I did- at least that day. As I was sitting their at the finish with my wife and 5 year old daughter Aspen, I had lots of emotions and memories flooding my mind. It was their 2 years ago I finished my first and only 100 miler. It really felt like yesterday. Those amazing athletes helped me get it back. From overall winner Nick Clark (Team PI-Smith- had to throw that in, Darcy won for the women's- Team PI-Smith too- SWEEP!) to the individuals who dnf'd. The courage it takes to compete in a 100 miler is really the key. As John Wayne put it- "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway." The relationships formed on the trail, that's what it is about for so many. I know I have got to know some of the better people in my life through trail running. So as I sat watching and observing, talking to friends and runners alike- I got that itch to do run. Not just go out for a nice run but really RUN!
So Sunday morning I hit the trail with Jim Skaggs and we went for a 8 mile trail run nice and early. I felt great! Out of shape a bit but great none the less. So I hope I can ride this good feeling for awhile. Gonna take a little time to get back into it but that's okay by me.
Congrats to all those at the Wasatch 100 this weekend and thanks!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wasatch 100 2010

Today kicks off the Wasatch 100 and I have to admit- I am a little jealous I am not running it. This was my first 100 miler 2 years ago. I got the finish- thanks to my friend Scott Jaime-  but it wasn't pretty. Wasatch will always hold a firm place in my running resume. It was my first 100 and it is in my backyard. I will do it again one day but I wanted to run a few other 100's first. I tried Swancrest this year and well- that didn't work out at all. Since that dreary day (and a half) I can honestly say I haven't had that "spunk" to really run. I have ran a couple races and went on some great training runs but I just don't feel back. I have definitely lost some fitness and even my wife is hounding me to run- I know crazy right?
Well today I get the privilege of pacing from Lamb's Canyon to Brighton (22ish miles). I paced a good portion of this last year for Christian Johnson and this year I get to pace Kelly Bradbury.
So, when I woke up this morning a weird thing happened for me- I was looking forward and excited to run. I actually have been feeling butterflies and I am not even racing. Maybe this is a sign of things turning around or maybe it is a sign of a bad dinner last night. I really hope things are turning cause I miss time on the trails with my friends and those special runs solo. I love running in the fall so today will tell me a lot. I never thought that a DNF would turn me like this. I thought I would be more driven and determined but I haven't had that emotion.
Well, here is to the Wasatch 100- CHEERS! Good Luck to all my friends running- here is to all of your success, whatever that might be.