Monday, January 6, 2014

2014- A New Year with renewed hope

Here we go- the start of a new year. I can honestly say I was very excited for 2013 to end.
I cannot blame everything on unlucky '13' but I tried.
2014 will be a new chapter and a new chance to chase a few goals and dreams. The plan is to start slow and easy and be smart. Slow and easy will not be a problem for those who know me but being smart may.
Right now I am training hard at Bomber Athlete to get a little stronger and gain some confidence. I started running after a long lay off and so far so good. I have rededicated myself to proper eating and I have surrounded myself with some amazing people. The only thing I need to get in line is me. Simple. Right?
Part of the challenge I am throwing down for myself is to be more consistent with everything- running, eating, sleeping, recovering and blogging. The purpose to be more consistent here it to hold myself more accountable. Accountability and dependability are 2 very key 'abilities' that I need to tap into in order to make 2014 the success I am looking for.
On the left hand side is my race schedule for 2014 and I am very excited by it. I officially started the year with a run with the HUMR group and been plowing forward since.
2014 can be magical if I want it to be.
So here is to 2014- good luck, be safe and dream big!