Monday, November 10, 2008

Time for a second opinion.

Well after Saturday's trip to my PT, I think it is time for a 2nd opinion. Originally I was told after a "few weeks" things should improve. Over a week ago I was told to go ahead and resume light running. So last week I did a whopping 9 miles...TOTAL! I went to the therapist Saturday and now he tells me not to run for 2 more weeks. WHAT THE HELL!!??? I haven't done anything for about 8 weeks now and the little lump and discomfort are still there.
So after running a bit last week, which felt amazing, I get to back it back down again for 2 weeks. I am told I can swim and ride my bike again though. Funny thing after I was told not to run for 2 weeks, the PT promptly threw me on the treadmill for a mile. Hmmm......
Anyway, I could really use any advice from someone who has had an Achilles issue in the past.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Still questioning...

I was back at it again last night for 3 more miles. I am still questioning the injury though. Will it ever go away? Will the lump stay down? Will I wake up one morning and have no pain or stiffness? Should I even be running?
All those thoughts were going through my mind last night during my short stint on the treadmill. I seem to be able to run pain free on a flat surface and casual speed but the Achilles still bugs me. Tomorrow I have my last PT appt so I hope to get a few more questions answered. I feel like I am being very patient and listening to my body but I am still anxious and frustrated.
Since I cannot put in miles I want, I make sure I do other things like- ab work, stretching and some weights. I know its only November and it is good to heal but I do have plans for next year and do not want to start over.
Anyone had an Achilles injury? Any thoughts?
Meanwhile, I will keep chugging along

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Slow and Easy..

Well I logged another solid 3 miles last night. I jumped on the treadmill and I was off! Pain free again so that is positive but the injury confuses me. I don't have the pain in the Achilles but I still have some soreness and swelling. Is that normal? This is a weird injury for me. During all those days of soccer, I would get some nagging injuries but I understood them better. I woke up this morning with similar tightness in the Achilles but not sure if the swelling is good/bad or indifferent. The PT gave me the go ahead as long as I didn't feel pain. I am not but am I still healing? Please, anyone help!!!
Besides my lengthy 3 mile run, I did some weights and ab work.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I am back.

Well, I haven't had much to report for awhile now but last night I ran 3 whole miles...pain free. A few years ago, if I would have gone 3 miles, it would have been something huge. Now- different story. It was nice to lace up the Pearl Izumi's are run. I did a nice easy, comfortable pace and stopped at mile 3. I felt like I could have gone further but I am playing it safe. The PT cleared me but there is still a little stiffness and swelling back in the Achilles. When I woke it, it wasn't anymore sore than normal so hopefully that is a good sign. I have been doing a few weights and some tummy work as well. My hopes are to do another 3 tomorrow.
3 miles isn't much but being on my feet and running felt great! I have some big plans for 2009.
Coming soon will be a brief rundown of what I learned in 2008.