Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Volunteering at Mtn View Trail Half Marathon

This past weekend I was able to help out at the 1st annual Mountain View Trail Half Marathon on Antelope Island. Jim Skaggs is the RD and if you have ever run the Buffalo Run (50m,50k,25k) then you know it will be a good one. 120 runners showed for the first ever race and the weather was perfect. I need to admit I was real jealous I was not able to run but it was the right decision. Training has been good lately and just trying to build a base before December hits and I ramp it up. Just being at the race really got my juices flowing and it was needed. 2009 has been a long long year and I am ready to put it behind me and gear up for 2010.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally- Hope has a name....

ASTYM- That's it!
So after I traveled to Colorado to see my good friend Scott and attempt to help him on the trail and one week later I paced Christian from Upper Big Water to Brighton during the Wasatch 100- I needed to get some answers. It has been over 1 year of total frustration. I have tried different Dr.'s, PT's and podiatrists..hell I even tried Acupuncture and I am terrified of needles. Nothing. Some days I felt good others felt horrible. I went to a new Dr after pacing at Wasatch. I went in, got an ultrasound and x-rays and Dr Blackham said. "I can get you back in 3-6 months". Sounds like a long time unless you have already wasted a full year. I said I will do whatever you want. He prescribed to wear Nitro glycerin patches on my injured Achilles and sent me to do ASTYM twice a week for 6-12 weeks along with stretches and I had to sleep with a crazy looking boot on. After the first treatment of ASTYM I was already feeling better and the swelling was going down. It has been 4 weeks and I ran on the trails Saturday for the first time....PAIN FREE!
Anyone out there with lingering injuries, especially the Achilles. I recommend ASTYM. I feel like I am on my way back and have a solid game plan. Time to build a base and look forward to running as opposed to look forward to icing.....