Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally- Hope has a name....

ASTYM- That's it!
So after I traveled to Colorado to see my good friend Scott and attempt to help him on the trail and one week later I paced Christian from Upper Big Water to Brighton during the Wasatch 100- I needed to get some answers. It has been over 1 year of total frustration. I have tried different Dr.'s, PT's and podiatrists..hell I even tried Acupuncture and I am terrified of needles. Nothing. Some days I felt good others felt horrible. I went to a new Dr after pacing at Wasatch. I went in, got an ultrasound and x-rays and Dr Blackham said. "I can get you back in 3-6 months". Sounds like a long time unless you have already wasted a full year. I said I will do whatever you want. He prescribed to wear Nitro glycerin patches on my injured Achilles and sent me to do ASTYM twice a week for 6-12 weeks along with stretches and I had to sleep with a crazy looking boot on. After the first treatment of ASTYM I was already feeling better and the swelling was going down. It has been 4 weeks and I ran on the trails Saturday for the first time....PAIN FREE!
Anyone out there with lingering injuries, especially the Achilles. I recommend ASTYM. I feel like I am on my way back and have a solid game plan. Time to build a base and look forward to running as opposed to look forward to icing.....

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