Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A new plan and a little hope.

Today marks a new day. After ONE YEAR of suffering from my Achilles injury- seeing 4 doctors, 1 physical therapist, 1 acupuncturist, 1 podiatrist and countless recommendations- I think I have found my guy.....Dr Jason Blackham! I was referred to him by a couple great local running girls. I went to see him this morning and when I finally got in, he sent me for some x-rays. When I got back he came in to show me the results (my heart was pounding a bit I must admit). As we reviewed the x-rays he showed me 2 bone spurs - one on my heal and one on the front. Now, the only time I hear bone spur it is usually followed by surgery, shaving, break, etc. I asked him if I needed any surgery to which he replied "nah, I don't think so- they are in good spots as long as they don't cause any pain." SWEET! I felt a bit relieved. The x-ray itself showed other problems too but thankfully they happened years ago in my soccer days. It appears I may have had a few fractures and of course many ankle sprains. We then proceeded for the ultra sound. This was my first ultra sound in which I wasn't looking for a heart beat or a gender. He showed me my "good" Achilles first and then the bad one. I am happy to report- no tears, just lots of inflammation. He graded it as mild- more great news. Dr. Blackham said he could most likely get me better within 3-6 months. Whew! It has been a year since this has hanging on so what's another 6 months?
So, how will it get better? Well, I go to pick up some Nitro patches, do some eccentric exercises, stretching, I get to wear a ski boot replica to bed and last but not least ASTYM. He did inform me that ASTYM will hurt like hell and my leg will look like hell, it will feel worse before it gets better. Not sure I like that. While I do ASTYM, no NSAIDS either. So I called and got my first appointment for Monday- twice a week for 3 weeks then once a week for a few more. The doc said I can do some light running and just keep an eye on the pain. Is this all good news. ABSOLUTELY! I now feel like there is a plan in place and my doc said he had a similar injury- did I mention he was a college runner who still runs a 2:50 marathon?
So long, long, long story steps but no reason to think I will not be ready for Moab Red Hot 50k. It's on the books as well as a few other surprises.....

Side note- congrats go out to Scott Jaime for finishing the Colorado Trail in fine fashion. Way to go Fast One, damn proud of ya! Next congrats to all the Wasatch 100 participants that "toed the line" last weekend. You all should be proud to get to the start. A special congrats to Christian Johnson. I had the pleasure of pacing Christian from Upper Big Water to Brighton and he was smokin'! It was great to share the trail with yet another great person and athlete. Thanks Christian for letting me tag along.
Good Luck to those that will run the Bear 100 next week. I really wish I could be there but maybe next year.

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