Thursday, December 25, 2008

2008- Review and Thoughts

What a year! I look back now and still can't believe it. So many highs and so many lows but the highs definitely out numbered the lows.
(on top, me at mile 55'ish of Wasatch 100)

5 low points of 2008:

5- My diet. This will continue to be a struggle.

4- Not being a part of an amazing Hardrock 2008. Sorry brutha!

3- Struggleville at the Wasatch SpeedGoat- basically all day long!

2- Vomiting at Wasatch- first time and sure not my last!

1- My damn Achilles tendon!!

Top 5 things of 2008:

5- Cutting into my time at the Buffalo Run (again).

4- Watching a good friend finish his first 100. (Phil @ the Bear-proud of you man!)

3- Scott Jaimes run at Hardrock. Way to go Fast One!
2- Being supported at the Wasatch 100. Every single aspect!

1- Finishing my first 100- The mighty Wasatch 100. Proud moment for the Manning/Barnes family

Overall- I learned alot. I learned that limitations arethings you put on yourself. I honestly never thought I could finish a 100 mile trail run and even during the adventure I had my doubts but luckily things worked out.

I learned you can balance family and running- its can be tricky but I am definitely fine tuning it.

I learned that the race is teh celebration and there is no better way to celebrate than with friends and family.

I learned that training can suck but not nearly as bad as running a race on poor training.

I learned that running is truly a battle against yourself. I know now I will never finish first but for me, that is not what is important.

I learned that baby steps are inevitable for success. Don't try too much at once. Patience can be key.

I learned that running trails and be a husband can go hand in hand. I make tons of mistakes but they are always there for me. No matter how bone headed I can be.

I learned you need to take chances...thanks Fish.

I learned that even though you can have thoughts of giving up, your friends think higher of you.

I learned that it may be a good idea to take a small mirror with you in a race and when times get tough you can take a look in it to see why you should go on.

I learned that through running, friendships can be made, strengthened and enjoyed at any distance.

I learned about myself. Running is truly raw. Its primal. It can break you down to nothing leaving you feeling humbled, distraught, hurting, suffering and weak but it can also make you feel like a hero in your own story.

I learned that I am indeed an ultra runner and no matter how hard on myself I can be, I can't compare myself to other runners.

2008 was indeed a success. I can't believe its over. The last few months, I really missed running but maybe the injury will make me hungrier and stronger for 2009. 2008 was an incredible journey and the Wasatch 100 was my token. I will never forget my first 100, the terrain, the people, the support and everything in between.

I want to thank all my friends-Phil, Scott M, Jamie, Tom, Kacey, Fish, Ron, Lisa, Erik, Christian, Josh, Paul, Raye Jean, Rick, Nicole, Jaxon, Myles, Brad, Justin, and of course the man who started it all- Edward and the countless others I am forgetting-whether through kind words, time on the trails or the amazing encouragement and support- I really don't know how fun this journey would have been.

My family- my two beautiful daughters-Samantha- for always believing in me even when I didn't, Aspen- your smile and innocence that reminded me of life and what its all about and my amazing wife Melony- without you none of this is possible. You have been there every step of the way, i love you.

Now for 2009- here I come and once again

No Excuses...No Regrets...Leave Nothing!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just some random babble

Well, not that people rally read this but the few of you that do, i am still alive. I have been fighting this Achilles issue and haven't been doing much. The holiday season is here and I love Christmas time so we have been very busy. We are traveling to Colorado Springs for Christmas and to Texas for the week after. It will be weird traveling with no races involved.
I have been getting on the treadmill for some very low miles and low intensity. It's tough.
I will soon post my overall thoughts of 2008 and plans for 2009.
One thing that i have found to help my Achilles is......are you ready for this....Wii Fit.
We got this and the balance and yoga stuff is awesome. I had a friend tell me I may be the first person to run a 100 miler being fit only by the Wii.
And lastly, I have been very busy putting together the athletes and sponsors for Team Pearl Izumi-Smith. This really is turning into a full time gig. It's still fun though.
I work for an amazing company, I work with amazing athletes and people, I have great friends through the team sponsors and lastly I have my family. What could be better? Oh ya, my damn Achilles. Well its snowing so I better go get my skis out....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Time for a second opinion.

Well after Saturday's trip to my PT, I think it is time for a 2nd opinion. Originally I was told after a "few weeks" things should improve. Over a week ago I was told to go ahead and resume light running. So last week I did a whopping 9 miles...TOTAL! I went to the therapist Saturday and now he tells me not to run for 2 more weeks. WHAT THE HELL!!??? I haven't done anything for about 8 weeks now and the little lump and discomfort are still there.
So after running a bit last week, which felt amazing, I get to back it back down again for 2 weeks. I am told I can swim and ride my bike again though. Funny thing after I was told not to run for 2 weeks, the PT promptly threw me on the treadmill for a mile. Hmmm......
Anyway, I could really use any advice from someone who has had an Achilles issue in the past.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Still questioning...

I was back at it again last night for 3 more miles. I am still questioning the injury though. Will it ever go away? Will the lump stay down? Will I wake up one morning and have no pain or stiffness? Should I even be running?
All those thoughts were going through my mind last night during my short stint on the treadmill. I seem to be able to run pain free on a flat surface and casual speed but the Achilles still bugs me. Tomorrow I have my last PT appt so I hope to get a few more questions answered. I feel like I am being very patient and listening to my body but I am still anxious and frustrated.
Since I cannot put in miles I want, I make sure I do other things like- ab work, stretching and some weights. I know its only November and it is good to heal but I do have plans for next year and do not want to start over.
Anyone had an Achilles injury? Any thoughts?
Meanwhile, I will keep chugging along

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Slow and Easy..

Well I logged another solid 3 miles last night. I jumped on the treadmill and I was off! Pain free again so that is positive but the injury confuses me. I don't have the pain in the Achilles but I still have some soreness and swelling. Is that normal? This is a weird injury for me. During all those days of soccer, I would get some nagging injuries but I understood them better. I woke up this morning with similar tightness in the Achilles but not sure if the swelling is good/bad or indifferent. The PT gave me the go ahead as long as I didn't feel pain. I am not but am I still healing? Please, anyone help!!!
Besides my lengthy 3 mile run, I did some weights and ab work.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I am back.

Well, I haven't had much to report for awhile now but last night I ran 3 whole miles...pain free. A few years ago, if I would have gone 3 miles, it would have been something huge. Now- different story. It was nice to lace up the Pearl Izumi's are run. I did a nice easy, comfortable pace and stopped at mile 3. I felt like I could have gone further but I am playing it safe. The PT cleared me but there is still a little stiffness and swelling back in the Achilles. When I woke it, it wasn't anymore sore than normal so hopefully that is a good sign. I have been doing a few weights and some tummy work as well. My hopes are to do another 3 tomorrow.
3 miles isn't much but being on my feet and running felt great! I have some big plans for 2009.
Coming soon will be a brief rundown of what I learned in 2008.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Feel the burn.

Well, since I am not running, per PT orders, I figure i better do something. So i put the road bike on the trainer (got a few inches of snow over the weekend) and busted out the weight bench. I am going to incorporate some swimming as well. I got on the bike and pedalled away last night and like I thought I got up this morning with "saddle sore". It wasn't as fun as running but it is exercise. I just don't want to lose what I gained this year. The last 3 years have gotten better and better with my training and fitness and although I cannot run I really want to maintain something. My next race is the Moab Red Hot 50k in Moab- February 14th, the day of love. My wife signed off on us going so I got a little lucky there.
Anyway, if anyone has some tricks of the trade or advice to keep me going through the winter, let me know.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back and bummed.

Alright, it has been awhile since Wasatch and I have been taking it pretty easy. I have had a pretty uncomfortable Achilles issue in my right leg and I was hoping a few weeks off would make it go away. Wrong! I just got back from the Dr and was told it was Achilles Tendinitis and also have calcium build up. So I am looking for a PT to help get me back on the trails. I had a good year and still had 2 races this year but doing those may not be worth it. I want to better and stronger next year so I need to shut it down a bit until my Achilles feels better. So with that being said-help! Any info would be great to hear. Hopefully I can start PT this week...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wasatch 100.....34:51

I DID IT! I DID IT! I still can't believe it. 34 hours and 51 minutes. As I sit here typing and trying to ignore all the little and big pains, I just can't believe how lucky I am. I definitely could not have done this alone. My wife and kids were troopers. They had a tough ordeal too. Seeing them at the aide stations and finally at the finish were more reward that I could imagine. Scott Mendoza, crewing me at critical times, lending me his pants and just flat out taking care of me..thank you, especially for the apple juice. Rick Robinson, the ultra crew master! Driving and crewing making sure everyone was taken care of. Phil Mendoza-helping me get to the start line with great training runs and seeing him at the finish- Your next buddy! Go rock the BEAR! Julian, AJ, Ray Jean, my sister Wendi and her family Henry, Cari and newly acquired Summer.
Edward-what can I say? I could not have done it without him. Pulled me through and got me to the finish. I would like to officially announce the Wasatch 100k winner-Scott Jaime. Having his knowledge one the course, nutrition, running and life have proved invaluable.
The race started and I was off. I wasn't sure what to expect for the next couple days but I knew I was on a journey. I was stuck going up towards chinscraper behind a line of nearly 25 people. Once we hit the top of chinscraper, I let the legs go. I got into Francis Peak 30 minutes slower than I wanted but I still felt pretty good. Over the next few stretches, I felt great. I ran and everything just seemed to be right. I got into Big Mountain 30 minutes faster than I wanted so I had made up 1 hour. I got in and picked up Scott for the rest of the day. Here is where things started to turn bad. Over the next 30 miles, I couldn't get ahold of stomach. I was in bad shape. I got into Lambs and there was my beautiful family talk about an instant pick up. Up and over Bear Ass pass into Millcreek and things weren't getting much better. Getting out of Millcreek was tough. I was warm, sitting down and was with friends and family-why would I want to leave. The nausea didn't get better and eating was difficult. I stumbled into Brighton but not before and ultra first for me......vomiting. I was in bad shape. I got into Brighton and was met with a sleeping bag and I went over and laid down. I felt like death and informed Scott Mendoza, I was done. There was no way I could go another 25 miles, not in this shape. I laid down for about 1 1/2 hours and things weren't much better. Scott Jaime asked, "what do you wanna do?", "you have to eat something." I just couldn't eat! I mulled over how I felt (again) and in my head, I was done. Then, I see a guy trying to fill out a DNF form but he couldn't bring himself to sign it. I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I asked myself one simple question. "If I dropped out willingly, would I be able to look into the mirror again and like what I saw?" That's all I rally needed but as I went back to Scott and Scott, I saw the guy finally sign his DNF form and I knew it wasn't for me. I looked and Scott and Scott and said LETS GO! I wish I had a camera right there cause both their faces almost looked confused. We left Brighton and I told Scott Jaime, "Push me hard because I am going to finish." The rest of the race was a little slow and go especially the last 14. Talk about hell. Lots of running straight down. As we hit the road to the finish, I still couldn't believe it. I grabbed Aspen from my sister, got Samantha hand and we RAN across the finish line together again.
Overall, I feel great. It scared me how close I came to dropping but I didn't. Not a speedy time but to be honest I DON'T CARE. I learned a lot about myself on this journey and I wouldn't trade it for everything. As great as the race and finish were, getting the support from so many great people was even better. I really feel fortunate to be apart of so many people's lives and seeing the support I received was extremely humbling. I want to thank everyone again! I love you all. My first 100 miler. I heard a quote that is pretty cool- "be the hero of your own life story". I guess anything is possible.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wasatch 100 preview

Well, it's here. The mighty Wasatch 100. I remember sending in my application and thinking, "why not, if it's meant to be-they'll draw me". On February 2nd, the call came. I was at a Chinese restaurant celebrating my father-in-laws birthday and my beautiful daughter Samantha's b-day. It was Eddy, he said that he did not make it in but Aric Manning did. What?? Sweet, damn, hell, awesome....oh shit! Lots of thoughts passed through my head. First was guilt- Eddy didn't get in so some over weight wannabe could get a shot. My thoughts went back and forth until Eddy said, "Okay, now its time to get to work" and "I will pace you and do whatever you need." Wow!
I never thought this day would come. Some are probably happier than me that it is here.
Eddy- Poor guy gets calls all the time with questions on- "is this right", "Should I do this", "what do you think?"
Wife- For putting up with my moods and juggling the entire families schedule so I can get time to do something only I do.
Kids- Waking up on weekends only to find their dad isn't home because he is up in the mountains.
Running partners (Phil & Scott Mendoza)- listening to me on the trails and even tailoring their runs to make sure I get in what I need.
Work- just plain tired of hearing about it.
I am sure I forgot countless others who have supported me along the way.
Anywho- I appreciate all of you very much and during my adventure in the Wasatch mountains, I will think of you all!
I felt like I had a pretty good race year to build up to this point. My training has been decent and I even lost some weight. When this crazy journey started in 2005 watching Scott Jaime in the Wasatch 100, I never thought it would get to this point. Whatever happens out there this weekend, I don't regret it! The journey has been great and now it is time for the celebration (thanks Ed).
The last time I was this scared/nervous was when my daughter Aspen was born, I realize they are at opposite ends of the spectrum but it doesn't take from the fact that I am down right scared. I am going into the unknown. I have read posts, blogs and spoke to elite athletes all year (Scott Jaime, Karl Meltzer, Anton K., Skaggs bros., Brian Fisher, Paul DeWitt, Josh Brimhall, Justin Ricks, Brad Mitchell, Lisa Smith-Batchen-just to name a few) and these individuals are truly amazing! I am not going out with false dreams but sure would like to see my dream come true. A finish at the Wasatch 100!
This will be my last post before the race. Maybe it is a way to get thoughts out of my head, maybe I am over thinking, maybe I am putting too much into something that I started for fun. Whatever the reason, at least I am not alone- to see so many people you admire, look up to and love support me- it's worth it. I wear emotions on my sleeve (no secret for those who know me) and this post may seem over the top but oh well.
Well, thanks again to everyone. I am running to prove something to myself why all the while I hope I will not let anyone down. This started on a birthday in February and after this race maybe its the re-birth of Manners!
No Excuses...No Regrets....Leave Nothing!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Been awhile....

Well, its been awhile since my last post. I have been running though...promise!
I have put in good miles but have been focusing on climbing. Wasatch is less than 2 weeks away and the nerves have been going since I went to Leadville.
Speaking of Leadville, I had the pleasure of going to help Scott Jaime at the 100 mile race across the sky. What a weekend. We stayed with Brian Fisher and his parents which was a real treat. I had the pleasure of meeting them last year at Hard Rock and you will have a tough time meeting better people. I also met Joe Kulak (a real ultra legend). I was like a fly on the wall for a few days, listening to advice, race strategy, old stories...basically learning from some amazing athletes. I crewed Scott for the race until the inbound at Twin Lakes at which point I laced up the PI's and paced him. What great time for me. Scott was having some stomach issues and I did what I could to encourage him to run while bugging him to drink fluid and take some gels.
I tried to stay just in front of him most of the way, not because I wanted him to run and keep pace but because I didn't want him to see my face. Running at 10,000+ feet and even though Scott was 55+ miles into it, the boy can still put em down and pick em up!
I was very proud to see Scott cross the finish at Leadville in 5th place in 20.29.
I also got to meet some truly great people. Paul DeWitt and his wife Judy were there and I had the pleasure of meeting them. Helen Cospolich- one of the top athletes around (not just female athletes). The ultra community is incredible and I feel very fortunate to infiltrate it!
The only problem is that I really started to focus and think about Wasatch. My first 100 mile race. Swore I would never do one but you only live once. (live is the key word there). The fear of the truly unknown is definitely getting the best of me. I have great support from my wife Melony, kids-Sami and Aspen, family and friends that continue to show support even during their busy lives. I guess at times I feel more nervous of letting them down then letting myself down.
The goal is to finish! Nothing more nothing less. This is a test and more of an adventure. I will continue to enjoy 50 milers and under but the 100 is still unknown. I am excited and nervous. Some days I feel like nothing can stop me and other days the fear of failure looms. I hate to fail! I hate the word fail. Hopefully that will help drive me to Homestead and my first 100 mile finish.
Thanks for every one's continued support and I will see you at the finish line!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ben Lomond Peak

Got in some (h)elevation. Today I did the peak solo. I got a later start so I could incorporate the heat a bit. I really wanted to push the pace to see what happens. I have run this twice and both were almost identical in time.
Up 2:30
Down 1:30
Total 4 hours
I hit the trail around 7:30 am and set the pace. I felt good going up. I can really tell I am improving on climbing but have a long way to go. I just kept the pedal down and every time I thought about backing off I thought of Jaimes quote "Suffer now of suffer later". Well I have done the suffering later thing way to much. I realize I will suffer at Wasatch but it is not too late to suffer less there. I hit the top of the main climb and was happy it was over. I also wanted to work on my recovering breathing a bit so when I finished the climb I didn't walk, I turned it into a jog since the trail was runnable (by my standards). From this point there in some gradual climbing but you can run a majority of it. The views are amazing all around. it really is easier to do when you can enjoy the beauty. I kept on trucking and hit the climb to the top.
I buckled down and went for it. it is much steeper and lots of switchbacks. I still didn't stop but as it got steeper, the legs sure did slow down. I reached the peak @ 2:09 which is 21 minutes faster than I have done it in the past. This gave me a good boost. I stuck around the peak for a minute and watched the mountain goats. I was all alone and feeling pretty special.
I started back down with a goal to beat 1:30. I ran about everything then as I was feeling about as good as i have in some time....BAM! I went down. When the dust cleared, it was time to assess the damage. Knee-bleeding, back-sore, forearm-bleeding, butt-scratched up, mouth-full of dirt, everywhere else-DIRTY, pride-not so good. It took a few minutes to survey and clean up. The trail here really, really dusty so I can only imagine what it would have looked like from another angle. I started running again realizing my time would slow. I actually felt pretty good but I sure looked like shit. I guess you need a good fall once in awhile to make you feel even more alive.
The rest of the run was uneventful and I hit the parking lot in 3:25.
Up 2:09 (21 minutes faster)
Down 1:16 (14 minutes faster)
Overall 3:25 (35 minutes faster)
Great run, great fall, better recovery!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not fun but got something done.

Alright, due to scheduling conflicts, I did base my run around the day. I didn't get outside but I figured anything is better than nothing. Busted out the treadmill for nothing but incline. 10 is the highest setting and although it's not real steep, it works. I went for about an hour and left the incline and just changes the pace. I may not have been on the mountain but I definitely worked hard. its so hot in my house I even got head training. I will definitely get outside tomorrow for a long haul but I got in what I could. It sure feels better doing something than nothing.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Going up?

I really need to get those hiking legs on. So I went up. With the work I did at SpeedGoat I figure by keeping it up, it will only help. Man, I just don't like climbing. Put in some solid miles and tried to focus more on rhythm than anything else. I was trying to get a good groove going with my pace and my breathing. By the time I was done, my legs were shot. I am not sure the exact mileage but going up I dare to say I covered 5-6 miles. there were times of running (flatter) and times of hunkering over while knees were bent. Overall, I felt pretty good. I sure hate the burning lung feeling. It takes me back to college soccer though and then the memories really flow.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting back to work.

Today I decided to try something. I wanted to get right back to training and I felt really good considering Saturdays run/hike. I want to tweak my training so today I jumped back on the dreaded treadmill and tried designing a simulation. Granted, nothing simulates the real thing but what i am looking to do it wake early, hit the treadmill with some incline and run at night.
So tonight I tried it. I set the incline at a few different levels and adjusted the pace as well. The idea is to work on hiking. It felt great. I hiked a the highest incline (10) and was all over the board with the pace.
I think I am going to like this. The goal: get up early, hike 40-60 minutes and do some training on the trails at night. We will see how this goes but I do like the change and I want to make sure I capture and maintain what I went through at SpeedGoat.
I did a solid 60 minutes today and felt great.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wasatch SpeedGoat 50k

Karl is sadistic! I could start and end my post with that line.
Here's how it went down. Friday night at the Clif Lodge....brutal. I ate a Subway sandwich and apparently it didn't jive with my body. I was up all night sweating. Got up Saturday morning and still not much better but I thought I took care of it. I got to the check in and the nerves started to kick in. Nerves and bad Subway really don't mix well.
At the start the stomach started grumbling even more, SWEET! The countdown began and we were off. It was pretty warm for a 6:30 start and I already predicted a long hot day was ahead.
We climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed (well you get the picture) and being a very poor hiker, it took its toll on me. I felt like a Yugo going up and I was in the slow lane. I kept trying to remind myself that this was merely a training run but competitive juices kept flowing and I battled those demons all day. Once we hot the tram at the top it was time to go over the Mt Baldy and then start our decent. Let me just say I do NOT like anyone named Mary Ellen anymore. We hit the bottom of Mary Ellen Gulch and it was hot!! Getting ready to leave the aide station, Roch Horton said "alright 3000' foot climb ahead so go get it!" Aw man, I didn't need to hear that. I knew it was there but just hearing it hurt. I started the climb out of Mary Ellen Gulch and just puttered along. We followed a little run off creek most of the way up and i took full advantage of the refreshing cold water. I kept dipping my hat and washing my face. I needed any help I could get. It took a good 2-3 days for me to get out of there but once I did, I felt pretty good. We hit another water only station then climbed up to the Peruvian Tunnel. I actually felt better here than I thought. Stop at the aide station and talked to Jim Skaggs (Antelope RD) for a bit I told Jim that I wasn't sure if my mom heard me or not but I kept crying out to her up Mary Ellen, he laughed and I disappeared into the tunnel. Made a nice little decent then up next was "the ridge" as I called it from last year. I hit the ridge with the hopes of doing better than last year. Last year it absolutely broke me down! I did a little better today but still lots of room for improvement. Once you hit the top of the ridge, Karl decided to sent us back down again. This part is difficult mentally because this is where you pass runners who are headed down to the finish. After following the snowy switchbacks and heading towards the tram, I caught up to my buddy Phil. There we were, 1 year later sitting at the last aide station and trying to figure out if our route down would be the tram or the trail. Last year we chose the trail and lived to tell about it so we took the trail again. We were both struggling but we were going to finish and we did just that. Only about 50 feet from the finish line, I saw my wife and Aspen and that was special. Crossing the line at 10:46ish (not sure official time...yet). It was over. By the way, Nate McDowell won in 5:43! I was so close but I couldn't catch him....
All in all it was another learning experience. Saw some familiar faces and shared some me that's what its all about. Congrats to anyone who finished. I just read a guy GPS'd it at 13,000 vertical feet CLIMBING in 28 miles. Karl is sadistic!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mr. Slacker is back

I have tried to keep up daily but summer is not helping. Here is the last couple weeks.
July 14th- Wheeler Creek (below)
July 15th- Wheeler Creek 11
July 16th- BST 10
July 17th- Co-Ed softball (a type of cross training...okay not really)
July 18th- off
July 19th- I did my trailwork for Wasatch, thank you Gib!
July 20th- Ben Lomond Peak- 16 miles, good vertical and finish strong. Almost t-bones a young moose.
July 21st- BST 10 miles
July 22nd- Left for vacation/work in Sun Valley
July 23rd- Off Sun Valley
July 24th- Off Sun Valley
July 25th- Off
Well not the build up I was hoping for. I get the Wasatch Speedgoat tomorrow and I am definitely not where I need to be. Family trumped a race again. That's okay though. No Excuses and when Karl's course is killing me slowly, only 1 person to wife. j/k
Full run report to follow. Just running it for training at this point.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wheeler for 11 more

Rough day today. I think the mileage from last week caught up to me. I ran the big loop from Wheeler and my legs were dead. The lungs didn't feel bad but my legs were shot. Uphill, downhill, flats, roller or whatever it was just didn't feel right. It was pretty hot and the trail was not crowded at all. Funny thing about the run was as bad as I felt, my time was right on with 1:30. I will take off Tuesday for needed R & R, run Wednesday, softball game Thursday and run Friday, Saturday and Sunday will revolve around climbing Snowbasin so I can get ready for SpeedGoat. Next week I go to Sun Valley for work so I will need to play it by ear.
I am hoping for a better run on Wednesday.

Lazy week for posting

Alright, I was very lazy this week when it came to posting. Lots going on between Hardrock 100, work, family and oh yeah, my 37th B-day. I will put a simple version below.
Monday- off
Tuesday - 12 miles on the BST fire road
Wednesday- B-day off
Thursday- 12 miles BST fire road
Friday - 10 miles Wheeler Creek
Saturday - 8 easy miles BST
Sunday - Indian Trail and BST 22 miles
Pretty decent week overall but my mind was at Hardrock. Scott Jaime finished 2nd in 29:50.
There is nothing this guy cannot do! Way to go Eddy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wheeler for 11

Another day at Wheeler and another day struggling going up. Ya know, one day it would be nice to move up this thing and feel good. Met Scott and Phil at 7 am to beat the heat but 7 am isn’t early enough. We left the parking lot and up we went. Scott and Phil pulled me up and at times I lost sight of them. Had a pretty good ache in my left shin but at least the back was good. We went through icebox and changed the route and headed up towards Maples. We found a little shade going up this way but when you were exposed, you could feel it.
Scott was on fire the entire run. He ran out in the lead and looked strong. It was a great run with great friends. We covered about 11 miles which was good with me. Going back down from the maples area I felt a lot more comfortable. Finished pretty strong and logged another 11. Not bad. Sure beats yard work…..

Friday, July 4, 2008

Ben Lomond and the 4th

Unbelievable….seriously, unbelievable. I got lucky today. I was invited to go on the annual 4th of July run to Ben Lomond Peak. This is a run I have never done but I will definitely be back. We met at 4 am at the top of North Ogden Pass. This is a pretty large group and unfortunately I don’t know many people. I ran with Cory Johnson, Tom Remkes, Ron Remkes, Phil Mendoza and Matt Connors. There were others we saw as well, Jamie Remkes, Katie Johnson, Chad Carson, Niells (?), Marc Collman, Celeste Collman, Chad Carson and others. Cory and Tom are getting ready to go to Hardrock so they took it easy which was fine by me, that way I could keep up. It was dark at the start and we began our climb up the switchbacks. Seeing was definitely not an issue as Cory had the new Petzl ULTRA headlamp. This thing could be spotted from outer space. It actually helped out with the climb as we all were trying to come up with funny jokes as to how bright this sucker was. We did some fast hiking most of the way with a few short runs to get the legs going. As the sun came out, I looked around and it felt like I was no where near Ogden. It was breath-taking, that’s right breath-taking, I can say that. Flowers everywhere not to mention the rising sun. This run definitely lived up to its reputation. We got to the climb up to the peak and it was steep. Phil cruised up first like a damn mountain goat. It was “now you see me, now you don’t.” I brought up the rear and finally reached the top. WOW! I was on top of the world……at least in this area I was. We stuck around a bit and talked and a few pictures were being taken. Then we saw about 6 mountain goats, the real ones. It was pretty cool.
We decided to head back down and tackle the steep descent off the peak. I only slipped once and landed on my butt which is where all the cushioning is so it wasn’t bad.
Heading back to the trailhead was great. It is mainly down with a few little rollers but the views make it easy. I took off and felt good. I stopped a few times to look around and take in the view. Tom, Cory, Phil, Matt and myself formed a line and had a good pace going down. About a mile or so from the end I thought it would be fun to roll my ankle. Man, what a way to wake up a bit. It rolled pretty good, best one of the year (so far). I caught up at the end and we cruised into the parking lot.
After the run, everyone goes to Marc Collman’s house for breakfast. It was great. I got to meet some new people, have an amazing run and eat Jamie Remkes’ ham. What else is there?
Thanks everyone!
16 solid miles. Started at 6000 feet going up to 9700 feet.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Short and Sweet, well maybe just short

Short and sweet. Just did a nice little run today with Scott Mendoza. Tomorrow is a big one so today was good to make sure the legs are working and get a few miles in. Started at the bottom of Wheeler and went towards Maples a bit. It was HOT! We think we did close to 7 miles which is decent. Tomorrow I am meeting a group to go to the top of Ben Lomond so I want to make sure I have a little juice in the legs to get me there.
I didn’t feel great today. I was tight in my back and shins. Not sure where this is all coming from but I sure didn’t care for it. Scott charged up icebox and a fluttered behind. I felt a little better coming down and going to Art Nord but overall, I didn’t have much today. I hope for better tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Logan Peak Race - 6:30

Another race in the books. Finished 2nd (in my age group), 16th overall. It was a small number to enter only 39. Official time was 6:30 which I am okay with I was hoping for 6 hours but until I get some good climbing legs races will continue to hammer me when going up. I feel good with running flats and downhill but going up, well that’s a whole other story.
The race started at 6 am and had a great feel to it. Kelly Bradbury, race RD, did a great job. This event in its 2nd year is a must do. She keeps it very personable and puts a lot of time into it. The course was marked extremely well. I was nervous about the course and getting lost being the first time on it but once I got going and saw the marking I had nothing to worry about.
The run starts and you go up for what felt like forever. I struggled with early shin splints and due to my week leading up to the race (eating burgers and brats and no sleep) I couldn’t blame my body for feeling like crap. (With Melony’s family in town from Texas, we had a fun week outlined with a trip to Lava Hot Springs and lots of Bar B Q’s……not good to combine with a race but it has been a blast.)
I really struggled going up for the first 5-6 miles. The trail was great and that part of the course was awesome. We hit a flatter section with some rollers and it was great to get the legs going. The shin splints eventually went away and things started to feel normal.
Once we hit the aid station before we went to Logan Peak I was prepared for some big time climbing. As I was going up some of the lead runners were coming down. One guy was coming down and said “I hope you like snow.” AGAIN! First Squaw, then Logan Peak. It was slow and go through much of the climb to the towers on Logan Peak. As the lead runners came down I tried to look at my time to get an idea how far I was behind them. At this point, things felt good and I was just looking forward to the view on top. Once I got there it was nothing short of perfect. Views all around. I decided not to stay long and quickly starting sliding down the mountain. Fun times. I had a good pace all the way to the aid station and actually caught up to about 3-4 runners. I didn’t stick around long and was on my way. I knew by the map that from here on out was pretty much down hill. I made a conscious decision to let it loose. I knew it would hurt and knew I would most likely bonk with the temperatures rising but this is a training run…right?
As I caught up to a few people I decided to play a game with myself. If I saw a runner in front of me and they turned around, I felt like it was my obligation to pass them. The game worked. I forgot about certain things and went for it. I passed about 9-10 in all on the way down and felt good.
The final aid station had me catch about 3 guys. I said to myself, “I need to finish in front of these guys.” It was about 5 miles to the finish and all down hill and pretty technical. I got a good pace going and caught up to another runner. He let me pass and then just stayed right on my heels. He really pushed me down most of this. I didn’t want him to pass me so I set a pace that was border line red line for me. He didn’t budge. Then I remember a quote (not sure from where) and it goes something like….I know they are hurting as bad as I am but I can take the pain. I decided to see what he had. I shifted up one more gear. I know felt like my knees were going to pop out of the skin and my quads were ready to blow. I kept telling myself that I could endure what I felt but with the dogs barking and the knees screaming I was about ready to concede when I heard a few noises I haven’t heard before. I thought, well he may be struggling, so I pushed just a bit more and then I heard nothing. I took a glance and there was nobody there. WHEW! I backed it down just a bit to catch my breath and ran the rest of the way to the finish. 6:30 finish but I felt good.
What a race, what a day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rattle, Rattle, Rattle

YIKES! I met Mr. Scott Mendoza at his house and we drove up to Wheeler Creek. We parked in the upper lot and walked down to the trailhead. While we were walking down, I thought I heard my keys drop. Wait, I didn't have my keys. I looked down just in time to see the tail of a rattle snake slither off into the bushes. I couldn't have been more than a foot from it when I walked by. Kind of creepy. Scott and I stopped to check him out and I was still in disbelief.
Scott only had time to do the first part of the run and he really pushed the pace (well at least it felt that way). The temps are great when you are down in icebox, maybe where it gets its name. Once we got out and headed up toward Snowbasin road it got quite toasty. Scott ran with me a little bit more before turning around. (thanks for pushing me Scott).
Did the upper loop and felt pretty good. I got to see a cow moose or at least she got to see me. The trail was pretty hot but much needed. I clocked pretty good coming down and passed a few mtn bikers coming up. Fella's it's okay to move a little and not stay right in the MIDDLE of the damn trail.
All in all it was a good run. Just gettin ready for Logan Peak.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a difference a day makes.

Wow. What a difference a day makes. Met up with Scott Mendoza to assault the Wheeler creek 10 mile loop and well- didn't fair as well as yesterday. Beautiful morning, beautiful course but I ran like a piano mover. We finished about 15 minutes slower than yesterday but I just didn't have it. Pizza the night before didn't help but I never got into a good rhythm.
I need to get out a couple times before Logan Peak on Saturday but finding time will be tough.
Everything I do for the rest of the summer is just training for Wasatch. Trying to keep things in perspective.
One thing I need to focus more on is the diet. After Squaw, I faltered a bit and can feel it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back to Wheeler.

What a day. Got back out to the Wheeler Creek TH to run with my good friend Scott Mendoza.
I haven't run it since last year. We met at Scott's house around 7 am and headed up to the trail head. This is a great run to do with Scott because he really pushes me up the trail. He just grinds out icebox and the rest of the uphill and my goal is to keep up. I felt pretty good today. Change of course, running with a friend and the cooler temps probably had a lot to do with it. I hung in there with Scott pretty well on the grindage and felt great coming back down.
If you ever get a chance, this is a must do run! I will make it a staple run from here on out. You can take a 5 miles loop and 10 mile loop or you can really extend and get up to Snowbasin and make the run endless. The goal is to do this a few times a week and throw in Indian Trail. Reports from my Bonneville Shoreline run (besides the major heat) is rattlesnakes and popping up. Did the 10 mile run in 1:30 which is decent and I am light years ahead of last year on the same course. I have the Logan Peak Trail run Saturday and really need to shuffle things around with Melony's family in for the week. Gotta have the family time!
Thanks for a great run Scott.
Also, Phil Mendoza ran the Big Horn 50 today and kicked ass with a 12:50 finish! Way to go Phil!
P.S. Scott Jaime tore up the Desert RATS with a Stage 1 & 6 course record and beat his goal of 24 hours by finishing in 22:49 and a 2nd place overall finish.
Man, I got some cool friends!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Back!

Well after Squaw I took 2 days off and have done some light running mixed with playing in a few soccer games. I felt great after Squaw and wanted to keep it going which I have done.
With trying to get my stolen car situation taken care of and remodeling the house for a visit from the family, it has been crazy. Also, Euro 2008 is under way and it has had some beautiful soccer!
Last night I was lucky enough to get out in the dry heat and suffer for 10 miles. Man, this heat really sucks. My throat and mouth were dry the entire time. My legs felt good and my lungs felt pretty good. I really need to step up the miles now and it looks like my next race will be the Logan Peak Trail race (6/28) which has good good vertical for 30 miles.
While I was running all I could think about was my good friend Scott Jaime running his stage race in the desert- Desert RATS. YUCK!
After the 3rd Stage he is 19 minutes behind the leader with a 52 miler and 26.2 miler to go. The pace they are at should put someone under 24 hours and $1000 richer.
Good Luck Eddy, we are all cheering you on.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Squaw Peak 50- 12:44

Whew. What a day! I guess I was a little off in my earlier post, Squaw Peak 50 pre-race. I said the race will really start for me at mile 33. WRONG! The race starts at 5 am. Phil and I pulled up to the race, got out of the car and woo-hoo, the race was under way. We sprinted to drop off our drop bags and get to the start. Not only were we late but it was raining pretty good too.
I clocked some PR down the first 3+ miles on the paved path. I knew I had to get ahead of alot of people to keep my chances of a sub 12 alive. Once you get off the path, you start going up and I didn't want to get pinned behind everyone. I ran with Phil until the pavement ended and he stopped for a potty break and I kept going.
The rain has made for an unexpected experience. MUD! The trail was a mess. We were going straight up and the mud was brutal. People were sliding an falling everywhere. I later found out a few people broke bones on this part. Yikes. The rain got harder and heavier as we made our way up the muddy single track.
I was definitely behind in my splits and was trying to adjust mentally to the fact that after 7 miles I was off on my times. Things turned for me surprisingly enough when it started to SNOW. Yep, wasn't expecting snow in June. Started off as a flurry and while others were complaining I thought, hey-this is pretty cool. My feet were soaked which is a huge peat peeve of mine and the snow just froze them. As we trekked along, we had entered a blizzard. The snow was now falling sideways due to the wind and I would guess there was at least 3 fresh inches on snow on the ground.
The views were spectacular and the snow made it surreal. I chose not to pull out the iPod and just enjoy nature.
I came into AS #5 and was feeling the effects of a long decent. Once we hit Hobble Creek road, I was pretty beat up. I used alot more energy than I was expecting with the slick conditions and my feet felt pretty bad. Once on the road, i wanted to see if I could make up any time but I just didn't feel it. I was sputtering along and came across Jaime and Ron Remkes. WOW, talk about speed walking. Without them there I would have really struggled but talking with them helped me forget how I felt and they really pulled me on the road.
We hit AS#6 and I was in and out quick. Just a few hundred yards past the AS, I stopped and took my shoes and socks off to clear them out. Good move on my part. The sun started to come out so I stopped and pulled off my Pearl Izumi Fly jacket which saved me thus far. Once I took off the jacket, it revealed the Team Pearl Izumi-Smith race shirt. Talk about an adrenaline rush! I felt so proud to wear it and once I saw it I had to get moving. I am just the manager, not an athlete so I couldn't let them down. I passes quite a few people up the road to AS#7.
In and out of AS#7 quick and headed toward #8. This is my favorite part of the course. It is beautiful. Aspens, creeks and groves of trees everywhere.
Hit AS#8 and got in and out of there quick too. Walked all the hills and caught up to a couple guys who were running so I thought, what the hell. Stayed with them all the way to Windy Pass.
Windy Pass beat me last year but I will be a little cocky and call it a draw this year. It cheated and decided to be covered in snow. It was a crazy rough climb but I kept on keeping on. It wasn't as bad as I thought and I actually passed a few people going up which is a far cry from last year.
Ran with Kasey, Billy and Joel until AS#9. In and out quick.
Time to haul off of Windy.....wait-tons of damn snow. Took longer to get down but knowing I would be done soon I flew. Got to AS#10 and there was my family. Surprise! That felt great. I took off my Nathan vest, grabbed a handheld and hit the road.
I ran the entire road to the finish which for me felt great. As I turned the corner to the finish I knew I would finish sub 13 which was nice. I picked up Aspen and grabbed Sami's hand and headed toward the finish. 12:44! I will take it. Considering the conditions I feel good with this. I cut out almost 2 hours from last year and overall I felt good. What a difference a year can make.
Thanks to everyone who helped me through this.
I left a few things out but didn't want to write a novel. If we talk soon I will share a few "war" stories.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pre-Race thoughts: Squaw Peak 50

Well, Squaw Peak is here! Only a couple days away. Once again I do not feel ready but that's just how it always is. There is nothing I can change at this point but I do feel like I am in much better shape than last year. I have put in much more work on the trails and dinner table. My weight is not the goal I was shooting for but I am lighter than last year and have felt good about getting it down. I have done more climbing this year than the past so hopefully it will help me a little in getting up to Windy Pass. I know the race is long and I need to focus on the entire course but I truly believe the race for me will really begin at Aide Station 8 (mile 33ish).
Mentally, this will be challenging. I have been a competitor my entire life and I have a goal of getting under 12 hours. Last year I did 14:26 (goal was 15:00). Again, not impressive or blazing but a goal for me. So do I shoot for under 12 and push hard or do I realize the big picture and use it as a Wasatch trainer? The ideal situation would be both.
There is more snow this year and that will slow me down but maybe add some more excitement.
Last years race was my first 50 miler and I didn't think I would be back. Windy Pass just kicked my ass. Saying that, I really enjoyed it and I feel I owe Windy Pass and cameo appearance. Round 1 went to Windy, Round 2 goes to........
Here is what my race card looks like that I am carrying:
AS #3- 2:19
AS #4- 3:13
AS #5- 4:30
AS #6- 5:22
AS #7- 6:23
AS #8- 7:21
AS #9- 10:00
AS #10- 11:21
Finish- 11:57
I want to say thank you to all my friends and family who have helped me prepare for the race- you all know who you are! I couldn't even attempt it without you. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!
I will have a race report when I return.
Remember- No Excuses, No Regrets- Leave Nothing!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Final Squaw tune-up

Today was my final tune-up before Squaw Peak. I had my wife drop me off at the top of the North Ogden Pass (don't want to park my car and get it stolen again).
The trail was extremely muddy from the days of hard rain. I took my time not wanting to chance an injury. Even though it was very muddy, the overall terrain was beautiful.
About half way down the trail a group of 4-5 Hispanic guys starting throwing rocks at me from the road above and yelling and whistling at me. I looked twice to see how close they were coming and just kept going. I figured this was just par for the week. By the way, they never did hit me.
I got to the bottom of the trail and hit the road for 1.6 miles back to my house.
On the way back I stopped at a park and did 6 x100 pseudo sprints. Not sure if they were exactly 100 but close enough. I got home and had my a nice bowl of bow tie pasta.
Overall, I didn't feel great on the run but it was nice to clear my head after the last few days of getting my life back. Oh yeah, they found my car. Yippee!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing Catch up

Monday- Off
Tuesday- Easy 6
Wednesday- Indian Trail 11.5
Thursday- Indian Trail 11.5
Friday - Off
Saturday- Indian Trail 11.5
Sunday - BST and part Indian 13
Well, I am a slacker and haven't posted in awhile so nothing great to report. Decent runs in midweek but Saturday and Sunday were brutal. Legs and body just wasn't in it. I finished my runs but never felt a spring and everything felt forced. Not what I was hoping for leading to Squaw.
On a side note, the run Sunday never felt good but it was great compared to getting done with the run, turning the corner and seeing a pile of glass in the spot you parked your car. Some son of a bitch(es) stole my Trailblazer! Nice job humanity! Never felt better about the human race as I did today. Sure, it wasn't everyone but to steal someones car (child seat in back), just ridiculous. My wallet, cell phone, Salomon running shoes, card from my daughter, etc were in there. I know its possessions and the car can be replaced but I feel totally violated. My house key was in my car with my driver license so they know exactly where to go next. ran down to Home Depot to BUY all new locks for my house. Cancelled my credit card, bank account and everything.
Anyway, bottom line, trust is on the decline. I am sour and maybe bitter about it but hey, its my right. Now I get to sit and wait to see if my car pops up. If not, after 30 damn days, I get my insurance to pick it up. Even if everything can be replaced, I was still violated and who knows how long that lasts.
Basically I am going into Squaw with a not so good mind set and no words will probably be able to change that. At this point, I just hope for a finish......

Sunday, May 25, 2008

16 miles

Last night Phil called and invited to run with a group of people from the area. Some of them were Phil, Cory Johnson, Tom Remkes, Ron Remkes, Tony (Peak Performance), Casey, her brother Billy and a few others. There were about 11-12 people total. We met at Rainbow Gardens at 7 am and Tony drove us all to the top of North Ogden pass. We got out and had a great run down North Ogden pass and joined up with BST. We took BST all the way back to Rainbow gardens. That was about 9.5 miles. Phil, Ron, Cory, Casey, Billy and myself all decided to go further and we started up Indian Trail. Due to the fact my sister is in town from Colorado Springs, I had to get back a little earlier so I told them I would run Indian Trail to the hut on top. Once there, we all turned around and BURNED back to Rainbow. All said and done, I did about 16 miles. I will count his as doing Indian for the 2nd time -4 to go before SP50.
Overall another great run with good mileage and good climbing. Surprisingly, this was the best I have felt doing vertical and that was after about 10 miles so I guess the training is paying off.
It was also great to run with a group of pretty neat people. I look forward to more.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indian Trail +

What a beautiful morning. Met Scott Mendoza at 7am for a out and back on Indian Trail. I am trying to do this about 6 times before Squaw Peak and today was #1. We start at Rainbow gardens and make the trek to "Smokey Bear". At the other end of Indian Trail there is a big Smokey the Bear sign that gives you an update on fire danger so you will read about "Rainbow to Smokey Bear." On the way out to Smokey Bear we didn't see a sole. It was our trail and the sun was coming up from the east which is the general direction we head so it was awesome. I just got a new Go Pro Camera. It is a video and still shot camera that mounts to helmets. It has different adapters and I wore it like a headlamp. Since it was the first run for it, there were a few learning points. It definitely jiggles a bit but I think I can secure it tighter to get a better picture. I actually got some good footage and might put it on the blog. Once we got near the end of Indian, we headed back. On the way back we started to see quite a few people but the great thing about this trail is NO MOUNTAIN BIKES. makes it kinda nice not having to worry about dodging on coming traffic. After we got back to Rainbow which is about 11.5 miles, Scott and I decided to run up to the waterfall and back. Added just over a mile so for the day, I got about 13 miles. Lots of climbing which is my focus right now.
Overall, good day, good run with a good friend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finding my legs, 10 miles

After a couple days off for weather and most importantly, my legs, I decided to get back on the trails. I got out on a nice walk Monday night to help loosen the legs and to my surprise I wasn't as sore as I thought. I was actually sore in my lower legs. Did a decent run. The trail was slick though. All this hard pack dirt and rocks with a nice coat of rain and WHEEEEE.....
I will probably get back out tomorrow for a tempo run and hit the Indian Trail Saturday and Sunday. I really want to finish Squaw under 12. Not a great time but it would cut off 2 1/2 hours from last year. I feel pretty good and the past weekend was huge. i am so much farther ahead of last year and mentally I feel pretty good. Squaw starts a busy summer and I want to do well. I am working on my splits card along with quotes for the other side so if anyone has any inspirational quotes to help me out, please leave them.
On a side note, Team Pearl Izumi-Smith is in the final stages of completion for the year. We have some great athletes and sponsors. Our website will hopefully be active in a week so stay tuned.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Temperature check

After a tough run yesterday, it was time to follow up with another long run. My initial plan was to get at least 10 miles knowing Granduer Peak throttled me. I met Scott Mendoza, Phil Mendoza and Scott Jaime at Rainbow Gardens for a day on the trail. We left the parking lot and did the Indian Trail. I have never done the whole trail in one swoop. After yesterday I didn't want to see any vertical but that's how we started. I could really feel the climbing in my legs and once again I was bringing up the rear. I was keeping it into perspective and just wanted to enjoy it with my friends. The descent from Indian was awesome. It's too bad Mr. Jaime lives in Colorado, this group is fun. We hit the bottom of the Indian trail and went down the canyon back to rainbow to refuel. On the way to the car, Phil must have felt the effect of a great marathon the day before (4:02, way proud of you man!), he started chasing quail around the parking lot. Once we left the parking lot we headed south on the BST. The effects of the day before were really beginning to take its toll on my legs. There were mush. We headed out a few miles and Phil was feeling discomfort in his leg so he turned around. Who could blame him, he did the Ogden Marathon the day before and played a rather intense game of DUCK-DUCK-GOOSE.
About a half mile later, Scott Mendoza turned back and got in a solid 15 miles.
Being somewhat brain dead and suffering from the intense heat, I decided to keep going. We made it over to Bues pond and turned back. I ran with Eddy for a bit and then he took off. I tried to run as much as I could and I think I did better than I thought I would. All in all I did 20 miles.
For the back to back over the weekend I felt great...considering. Lots of miles, lots of vertical and the best friends a guy could have.
Thanks my friends!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grandeur Peak

OUCH! What a day.
I picked Eddy up at 6 am and we traveled down to SLC to join a organized run put on by Erik Storheim. When we pulled up, there were close to 20 people. We (Eddy and I) have never run this course before so we really didn't know what to expect. The first 3 miles we did about 3500 feet of vertical. I was so excited because vertical is my specialty....YA RIGHT! The mountain hammered me. Once we hit the top, there were amazing views all around. We started down *(after we got off course a bit) and it was an amazing single track. It was so nice to be able to run with Edward. He wasn't pushing it but we did a decent pace by my book.
The course itself was unbelievable. I put in about 16 miles and 8000 vertical feet. For me that was torture. This is something I need more than anything and I really tried to push myself but my body was spent. Overall, the day was a success. There was mileage, heat, vertical climbs, bush whacking, road, single track, bike trails, rocks and of course other people. It was the full meal deal. I was hoping to do 20 but no dice. The Fast One got 20 in though.
As great as the course was, it was tough. I survived and Sunday will be another day on the trail.
I completely recommend this course to ANYONE.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Solid 11

I am a few days behind on my posts. Sad to say I cant find time to type. I took a couple days off after that weekends back to back and had a very solid run today. I probably will not run again until Saturday when Eddy gets here. I will need all the rest possible to follow him around for a couple days. With today I should get in 50 + miles this week.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Quote of the week/month/year..whatever

Take it if you want it
Take it if you need it
Grab yourself a dream and dont let nothing come between it!
- Alexi Lalas "Woodland: Sacred ground"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

27 miles.

Alright, I am changing my blog structure. I will now make the headline my mileage. I know people who do it that way and it just makes sense. It is harder to go back in to track my mileage.
Wait, what if I do my normal posts and then do an end of week with mileage. hmmmm, Okay I will think it over.
Anyway, decent run. Stayed on my feet for 5 hours which was the main goal but i really thought i could cover 30 miles. I originally planned on running to WSU and back but I decided to do something I despise, I did loops. I did my normal run and added a little to it and tweaked it. I made my car the aide station and just went to it to refuel. I wasn't sure how everything would work out logistically and I was trying my new Nathan Hydration pack.
the run started pretty smooth even though the weather man is full of crap. They said high was going to be 63. Right.... it was 63 by 9:30-10 am. The first loop was great. The return trip to the car sucked. Apparently there was a organized mountain bike ride and I was going against the current. There were about 50-60 riders and they were pretty spaced out. I would go 10 yards or less and have to hop off the single track and let these suckers ride by. Some were nice and cordial others were like Kobe Bryant at a Motel 8.
I hit the car after the first loop and the legs felt good and I was ready to go for lap 2. No more riders so it went good. After I got the the waterfall I decided to run down to Rainbow gardens and made a detour up the canyon on the other side of the river. Pretty cool trail. It was my first time on that part of the trail and it added a refreshing change. While I was running up the canyon I decided to forgo a 3rd loop and really add miles to this one. I was all over the mountain side, exploring and running into dead ends. It really broke up the run. unfortunately being on the west side of the mountain, it really exposed me to the heat and I was really feeling it. I struggled the last couple miles and was just glad to be done.
Not sure what I am thinking about Wasatch at this point. People keep telling me that 100 miles is a long way and I am really starting to think they are right.
I finished 5 hours and change with 26.6 miles. I wasn't happy with the miles so I did a half a mile or so when I got home. The drive home made me mad that I only got 26.6.
I will take off Sunday and Monday and go on Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday I will be running with my man "Fast Ed".
Here to another run....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taint running great?

It's Thursday which means I get to meet Scott and Phil Mendoza for a run. Started the run from Rainbow Gardens parking lot and went up to the waterfall. I really struggle starting runs uphill. Its as if my lungs are not stretched out yet or something. its just nice to break it up and run with people. Came back down from the waterfall and went south from Rainbow up Indian trail. Great grind up. I have no strengths in running but a definite weakness would be climbing. I can feel I am getting better but it is tough as hell. We went quite a ways on Indian and came across a great little snow patch on the trail. Scott went first and sunk, all I heard was "ouch, I just hurt my taint." Man, I haven't heard that word in awhile. I had to giggle but as Scott got out of the hole he sunk into and proceeded, I heard, "I really hurt my taint, I sunk to my taint." Well needless to say, I took my time and watched every step.
We descended back down Indian and got on BST heading south. I finally had to turn around and get back to the kids. On the way back, Scott was dialed in. He flew back to the car. Following him down the trail I thought to myself....maybe the taint is actually a turbo button.
All in all it was a good run. Legs felt pretty heavy from the day before and we only covered 6-7 miles but did some good elevation and had a decent pace to boot. I will take tomorrow off and prepare for my 5 hour run on Saturday. The goal is to be on my feet for 5 hours regardless of mileage. I would like to at least cover 25-30 miles though.
Taint running great?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome back Manners

After taking 3 days off (I know, I know) I hit the trails to punish myself for being a bad boy. The weather was perfect, overcast and chilly with a slight chance of rain (I was really hoping for the rain but it never showed). Did the BST and really looked to push it. I started my run and about a mile or so in to it I came up on 3 guys and a couple dogs working on the trail. Hey- one my was buddy Phil (who was actually running) and the other 2 were his friends Tom Remkes and Tom's son Travis. They were doing trail work for Wasatch. the 2 dogs were there for pure fun. They had done some amazing work on the trail. There is a group of them that have done great things on this trail which I have adopted as my home trail. This is where I am hoping to do my trail work for Wasatch too. It was nice to see Phil since I haven't run with anyone for a few weeks.
We talked for a minute and Phil and I took off for a run together. We really moved. Did my normal run it felt great. It was nice to have a little conversation too. Phil is training for the Ogden marathon on the 17th and after that has a pretty big load of races. Best of luck to him and the Ogden marathon!
We parted ways on the trail and when we did, I pushed the pace hard. It was getting dark and I was on the single track so I wanted to get back before the rocks and tree stumps started to grab me. I just love that feeling of really moving through the trees. I wish I could run this pace more often. By the time I got to the car, I was soaking wet with sweat. Great feeling knowing you worked hard for something even if it is stinky....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

What a sunset...

WOW! What a great sunset. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do. I take so many things for granted in life and days like to day help me realize that I need to start appreciating things just as a bit more. After a very long Saturday of soccer games, shopping, yard work and taking care of mom- I got out on the trail to end the day. The plan was to work on speed and go 10 miles. It was late and I knew if I didn't boogie then I would be out in the dark and I didn't take my headlamp. Started off great and felt really strong. I didn't pay much attention to anything but my pace. I wanted to push myself hard until I hit the threshold of feeling a little to uncomfortable. I almost got to the waterfall and hit the trail down to rainbow Gardens, I felt great (down in 4 up in 7) so I quoted Ms. Spears and said "hit me baby one more time" and did it again. WOW, what an effort that was. After I reached the top it was more like "Oops I did it again".
Anyway, I did it twice and went to the waterfall to take in everything around me. This part has become more meditation than anything. When you are up that high with those views and the smell of the outdoors, it really puts things into perspective. Here is where I encountered a problem- I let my self stay there too long and the sun wasn't going to wait for me. I got down to the fire road and flew to the car. I have never ran that pace for that long before and it felt GREAT! All along the run I kept looking over and the sunset was absolutely breath taking. Lucky me. I didn't take my iPod on the run and I am glad I didn't. Just surreal. Tomorrow I am off to Sun Valley for a few days and after tonight's 13 miles, I may need it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hit me with your best shot!

What a night! The mountain and I are getting to know each other well. Just a day after the mountain smacked me in the face to make me realize it is far superior, I came back and gave it a knuckle sandwich! Yes, I said knuckle sandwich. Beautiful evening run with amazing views. The sun was setting and the air was fresh. I made sure I wore my PI Seeks to avoid anymore acupuncture or water breaking episodes.
This running gig sure does provide me with a sweet balance in life. All my short comings as a husband, father, friend and employee seem to even out a bit when I can go and get some perspective. There is nothing more humbling than the outdoors. Everywhere you look you see things that amaze. What I like most of my BST run is sitting at the top of the waterfall. You look down and see so many people stop and admire it and take photos which I have done many times. However, standing on top and looking down brings a whole new perspective.
Just like the quote goes, "It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."
Previous posts, including this one, talk about the challenge of the climbs or miles or when the mountain kicks your a$$. But it wasn't the mountain yesterday, it was me. It was my attitude, it was my laziness, it was the uncertainty. Well today I cleared the negative and set out to show yesterday was a fluke. You get that in life or in races. Stay the course, don't think about the knockdowns- think about getting up and saying "you can hit me again but I am too strong, I will get back up, again and again."
Remember....No Excuses, No Regrets...Leave Nothing. Maybe that's more than a mantra for running........

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks Mr. Bowerman! (sorta)

I want to give a big shout out to my man Bill. Today, the weather started getting rough and Manners wasn't so sure about it. The mountain looked pretty intimidating with the dark clouds.
On my drive to the mountain my wife called and said "do you know its raining?", I replied "really it is raining at home? Cause its snowing where I am" She didn't think it was funny right away but she quickly changed her tune.
I really didn't feel like running even after I was running but Bill kept creeping back into my head..."There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."
Well, I don't want to be a soft people so I kept running. The first 2 miles I rolled my ankle 3 times, seriously. I thought about turning around, you know, like it was a sign. Well I wasn't that smart. I kept going and thanks to Nathan Hydration I survived a pretty nasty face plant. I hit a rock just right with my toe and TIMBER - so if manners falls in the woods and nobody is around does he still make noise....HELL YES! Ouch! The water in my right hand helped break the fall (yes people, my water broke) and my left hand took a nice hit, when I rolled I felt those really nice sharp pointy rocks try and give acupuncture but I am guessing they don't feel that much alike.
I got up, assessed the damage then made sure nobody was around. Whew! The weather kept the spectators off the mountain. Well after the fall I decided to listen to the signs...NOPE! I got up licked my wounds and kept chugging along. Finished 10 miles in the wind and snow and felt like I really accomplished something. Thanks Bill, I guess.......

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy but got it in.

Today saw a full to do list. After work I buzzed home to get dinner started then after dinner I helped out at Sami's soccer practice then came home and got the lawn mowed and THEN got on the mountain for a run. It was supposed to be 10 miles but I only got in 8. I am happy I got that in but darkness moved in fast and I wasn't prepared for it.
i felt pretty good after taking Monday off. The legs started a little heavy but they got the job done. Going the extra 2 miles would have been fine on the body. So after day 1 I am down 2 miles for the week. Great.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shoulda had pancakes.

I decided to get away from the "creature of habit" routine for today. On Sunday's for breakfast we generally have pancakes. We love pancakes. I woke up a little earlier so I could get my long run in and decided I would have Honey Nut Cheerios. Now I like a good bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios but I think I would have run better if I would have had pancakes.
I wanted to get in 20 so.....I DID. The trails are just perfect this time of year and I am taking full advantage of them. Some days I feel bad for people knowing they do not get out and enjoy them. I got onto BST and headed south. I knew I could loop this twice and maybe add some scouting and have no trouble hitting my mileage. For the second day in a row I ran from Rainbow to the waterfall and felt pretty good. Its such a great grind and is proving to strengthen me mentally as well. I only saw a few people on the trail and that was about mile 16. I timed it perfectly. It started to get pretty hot. I know I need to get some runs in with the heat but I will do it in baby steps. I do not like nor do I enjoy heat.
Overall I am very happy with the week. 55 miles for me is pretty good. I will throw in another solid week this week and on Sunday, I head back up to Sun Valley where I hope to get a run in on Monday. I think the change of scenery and trail will be just right.
Plan for the new week.
Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 12
Wednesday- 10
Thursday -12
Friday - OFF
Saturday- 15
Sunday- 15
Total- 64

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Now this is running weather. The temp was well....perfect. The trail was fairly empty and the legs had some good mojo. Started just like any other run- really hard to get into but knowing after a few miles I would settle in.
Did some good running at a very good pace. I can really feel the legs getting stronger and with the weight coming off things are looking bright. I got on the single track and went for it. I also had a first today. I ran from Rainbow gardens to the waterfall and ran the entire time. I am not a climber and for me to get up to the waterfall like that felt amazing. I got to the top and struck a pose that Rocky would have loved. I will tell anyone who will listen that unless you have been out on a singletrack and just had that sunshine on you with your lungs and legs burning, weaving in and out of bushes and trees...well you haven't really lived. Wasatch 2005 sparked something and now I am seriously living a dream.
I finished today strong and with 15 and change under my belt, I felt good. Tomorrow will be the test. I will go for 20. I think I have a great course mapped out and the weather looks like it will be just like today.
Squaw Peak 50 is next and I have a goal in mind so this is what I am aiming for. Here comes May and here comes Manners....

Friday, April 25, 2008

10 ?

I think I did 10 miles today. I went out again without my trusty GPS watch but did a little exploring. I wasn't able to make the "Thursday night run" with the Mendoza boys so I went out a little later. I went to my usually northern BST route but there were quite a few mountain bikers so I went off track and tried to get away. I got in some great climbing and I could tell near the end of the run. I was just happy I stuck to my original plan of running at all.
I will take Friday off and so a back to back this weekend with 15+ miles each run. That will put me at 50'ish miles for the week which isn't too bad considering I took off Monday and Tuesday. If I would have stuck to the plan to run on Tuesday it would put me at 60+ which is right where I need/want to be. Hopefully the coming week will have fewer distractions and I can grow a pair and not have any excuses.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have let life take over a little so now its time I reel things back into perspective.
After last Thursday's post here is what I have:
Friday- OFF
Saturday- 15 miles
Sunday- 8 miles (left for Idaho)
Monday- OFF (Idaho)
Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday- 10 (to follow below)
Yesterday (since to day is Thursday now) I had a really nice run. The GPS watch wasn't charged so I did something uncomfortable for me and went out with a regular watch. Spooky! I decided to run a familiar trail since I was sure of the distance. Lots on my mind so I took to the trails with attitude. I felt great. I was moving along faster than normal and felt a little more burn to start but then it felt more effortless as I ran. The weather was perfect low 50's and i saw one other person on the mountain, some guy mtn. biking in levis. Yikes, that just cant be comfortable.
Anyway, I felt bad about not finding the time for longer runs over the weekend and took the guilt out on the trails. Finish with my fastest time yet.
Out again today (Thursday) just working it around Sami's soccer practice.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finished strong

Today I met Scott and Phil at Rainbow Gardens. As Scott put it "we have a regular Thursday running club". Starting the run we went north of the canyon to run up to the waterfall. This is a good grind with amazing views and adds 2 quick miles to the run. My lungs felt really tight all the way up. I was trying to get my legs to respond all day. They just seem weak. On the way back down from waterfall and i thought it would be fun to roll my I did! Yep, I was right, it does hurt to roll your ankle. We hit the parking lot and began to run up Indian Trail. Great climb and great views. Came back down and ran on the BST and hit another canyon. Lots of snow still but it made it cooler. The creek in this canyon is getting a little larger and the sound is mesmerizing. Due to the time, we decided to head back to the cars.
Near the end of the run I decided to really stretch the legs. In is downhill but we hit paces on 7-7:30 miles. As we got closer I let gravity take over. I was looking down at my GPS and hit between 6-6:15 mile. I was flying. I put things in perspective and this is how the elite runners go. It felt great but definitely not my pace.
Overall it was a good 8-8.5 miles. I really need to get out this weekend and put on some miles.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now I am behind

Well, the plans were to take Monday off and run 10 on Tuesday. Tuesday didn't work out for me. (good excuse huh?). I got back on the trail today and was looking to go 10 but only made it 9. 1 mile short and a day down. I ran the BST on the north side of Ogden Canyon. Great run, decent weather but the legs just didn't respond like I was hoping. I guess the long weekend did more than I thought or else I didn't work them out quick enough (recovery). Either way, I went 9 and tomorrow I get to run with the Mendoza brothers so that will be good...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh Mommy......

Well if I felt good yesterday, today was a different story. Started at 8:30 am at Phil's house, we ran to the trailhead and started the day. We started on the fire road for about amile to get the legs warmed up. The morning air was a bit chilly. We jumped up ont the BST and started rocking. We had a great pace and things were flowing. We got to th e"BL" on the mountain and started to climb. We basically went straight up. What a grind. We went pretty far and the views were amazing. We knew we sere meeting Scott (Phil's bro) at 10:15'ish so we started back down. The rest of the way down and the single track to the Rainbow Gardens parking lot was still a great pace. We ran into Scott right befor ethe road, stoppepd and his car, filled up the handhelds and we were off. We ran up the Rainbow grind and jumped on the BST going south. The heat was getting pretty hot so I really tried to stay ahead on my electrolytes and fluid. We ran up Indian and then down, ran up another canyon (name escapes me) then down, tracked through a bunch of snow which felt good having the cool snow below us. We jumped back on BST and kept on trucking. Made it to about 29th street and Scott headed back and Phil and I pressed on. We went past Weber State University and dropped down into a real nice neighborhood (something you would find in Highlands Ranch, Colorado). We turned around and hoofed it back. Before we hit rainbow Gardens on the return, the heat started to really take its toll on me.
We made it back to Phils with a grand total of 21.64 miles. I felt ever step.
This was a positive step in the right direction but all I could think is "do that 4 more times and you have the DISTANCE of Wasatch" (not the climbing though.
man, did I bite off more than I could chew????
Stay tuned.......

Saturday, April 12, 2008

First of a back to back

Today was the smaller of the back to back. I wanted to push a 15 and 20 back to back this weekend so I started with the 15. I did the northern part of the Bonneville Shoreline and looped it to make the distance work. The weather was great. I started about 3:00 pm and it was about 60 degrees with an ever so slight cross wind. The trails were a little more crowded than normal but no major incidents. The loop is just about 7.5 miles depending on the exact route. My first loop was 1:05 and I felt pretty good. One thing I struggle with is the first 1-2 miles. They seem so difficult. The second loop I did in 1:03. Not to bad I thought. the second loop everything felt good!
tomorrow will be the real test. I am doing 20 miles with Phil.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fantastic run

Today I had a great run with the Mendoza brothers (Scott & Phil). We parked at Rainbow Gardens and ran across the mouth of the canyon and up to the top of the waterfall. We left the waterfall and ran back to the parking lot then climbed up and ran on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail heading south from the canyon.
What an amazing run. Great single track and loads of climbing. We got up high on the mountain and had great views of the valley. We looked to the North and a big storm or squall as Phil called it was moving in. We all decided we needed to hoof it back to the car before it hit us. We flew down the mountain and actually passed 3 mountain bikers. The snow started to fly right as we got back to the car.
We did a total of 7.7 miles or 12 if you round up. j/k.
It was a great 7.7 miles but with all the climbing it definitely felt like more. All in all I have found MORE fun singletrack to train.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OUCH! What the hail?

The plan was to go 8 and I got out the door, on the mountain and about a mile into it when the storm hit. I thought I could get my run in but the hail hurt. I found shelter with some rocks but the storm lept coming. Finally the hail let up but it was followed by a nice wind and SNOW! I guess I was soft tonday because I calle dit good and ran back to the car.
Maybe 2 miles but I definitley rounded up...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And here we go.....

Okay, its Tuesday and I felt alright. Legs were good, weather was bad. Pushed out 10 miles and didnt really run into any issues. The wind has seriously got to go. Later in the week we are supposed to get better weather. The views are still amazing and all the reasons I do this stuff are still there and a focus.
It is a big week and I hope to get through it. The weather will be a factor but the weekend looks great so maybe the longer runs might be longer.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Much better!

Ahhh, today was much better. This is how the runs should go every time. Started later in the afternoon and drove to Rainbow Gardens and accessed the Bonneville Shoreline Trail just north of Ogden Canyon road. this may be my new starting point. I felt really good pretty much all day. I tried to make sure I stayed purely on single track. I succeeded and this was by far the best run of the week. My legs started a little heavy but loosened nicely. The knees started to get a little stiff here and there but I will just have to deal with that and run through it.
I think the best thing about the run was the fact that I focused and ran all of the climbs. It may not have been fast but the feet were moving forward and it was faster than my walking. The weather was windy again but I guess you need to deal with it.
The one thing I find interesting on my runs is how hard the first 2-3 are. After that, it seems like my lungs adjust and they don't struggle as bad. My legs are getting stronger and overall I am feeling pretty good. It is so hard to go on these runs and not think about Wasatch. I am not sure if that's good or bad. I may be a little to focused on it though.
My next race is Squaw Peak in June so that needs to be my focus. I definitely need to start logging more miles and getting some climbing in too. I think if I focus on those, then my speed will work itself out. Anyway, I covered 15 more miles and felt really good. For me getting to good back to back 15 miles days is alright and I will take it. The schedule for this week is:
Monday- Off
Tuesday- 10 miles
Wednesday- 8 miles
Thursday -10 miles
Friday - Off
Saturday- 20 miles
Sunday - 15 miles
Week total- 63 miles
Wow, that's alot for a middle of the packer like me but hey, its a step forward.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'll take it.

I wanted to knock out 2 good runs back to back this weekend. The morning was busy. Started with Sami's first soccer of the season at it was cold! We then took a trip to the local art exhibit. After a little break from running around it was time to go knock out some miles.
I started the run with very little energy but I also know that the first 2 miles for me is the hardest. I did get going and I went north of the Nature Center trail head instead of south. I got in 4 quality miles in that direction and then turned back south. I never really felt good the entire run. The weather was windy and cold. It wasn't just a physical battle for me but a mental one. I really didn't want to keep going. The goal was putting in 20 miles and then another 15 or 20 tomorrow but it wasn't going to happen. I waited a little too long to start running and i was running out of daylight. That coupled with no energy, I stopped short of 20 and only did 15.
I was glad I did at least that considering how I started.
Overall the run was decent. Logged some miles and now need to follow up with at least 15 tomorrow. Decent week but a long way to go.
P.S. I would like to congratulate my friend Scott Jaime on his amazing race today in California. He finished 9th with a time of 6:24. That's a 50 mile time by the way. That is unbelievable. Check out his race report to see how the elite go.
Way to go Fast One, you are amazing!