Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fantastic run

Today I had a great run with the Mendoza brothers (Scott & Phil). We parked at Rainbow Gardens and ran across the mouth of the canyon and up to the top of the waterfall. We left the waterfall and ran back to the parking lot then climbed up and ran on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail heading south from the canyon.
What an amazing run. Great single track and loads of climbing. We got up high on the mountain and had great views of the valley. We looked to the North and a big storm or squall as Phil called it was moving in. We all decided we needed to hoof it back to the car before it hit us. We flew down the mountain and actually passed 3 mountain bikers. The snow started to fly right as we got back to the car.
We did a total of 7.7 miles or 12 if you round up. j/k.
It was a great 7.7 miles but with all the climbing it definitely felt like more. All in all I have found MORE fun singletrack to train.

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