Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Now this is running weather. The temp was well....perfect. The trail was fairly empty and the legs had some good mojo. Started just like any other run- really hard to get into but knowing after a few miles I would settle in.
Did some good running at a very good pace. I can really feel the legs getting stronger and with the weight coming off things are looking bright. I got on the single track and went for it. I also had a first today. I ran from Rainbow gardens to the waterfall and ran the entire time. I am not a climber and for me to get up to the waterfall like that felt amazing. I got to the top and struck a pose that Rocky would have loved. I will tell anyone who will listen that unless you have been out on a singletrack and just had that sunshine on you with your lungs and legs burning, weaving in and out of bushes and trees...well you haven't really lived. Wasatch 2005 sparked something and now I am seriously living a dream.
I finished today strong and with 15 and change under my belt, I felt good. Tomorrow will be the test. I will go for 20. I think I have a great course mapped out and the weather looks like it will be just like today.
Squaw Peak 50 is next and I have a goal in mind so this is what I am aiming for. Here comes May and here comes Manners....

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