Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rattle, Rattle, Rattle

YIKES! I met Mr. Scott Mendoza at his house and we drove up to Wheeler Creek. We parked in the upper lot and walked down to the trailhead. While we were walking down, I thought I heard my keys drop. Wait, I didn't have my keys. I looked down just in time to see the tail of a rattle snake slither off into the bushes. I couldn't have been more than a foot from it when I walked by. Kind of creepy. Scott and I stopped to check him out and I was still in disbelief.
Scott only had time to do the first part of the run and he really pushed the pace (well at least it felt that way). The temps are great when you are down in icebox, maybe where it gets its name. Once we got out and headed up toward Snowbasin road it got quite toasty. Scott ran with me a little bit more before turning around. (thanks for pushing me Scott).
Did the upper loop and felt pretty good. I got to see a cow moose or at least she got to see me. The trail was pretty hot but much needed. I clocked pretty good coming down and passed a few mtn bikers coming up. Fella's it's okay to move a little and not stay right in the MIDDLE of the damn trail.
All in all it was a good run. Just gettin ready for Logan Peak.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a difference a day makes.

Wow. What a difference a day makes. Met up with Scott Mendoza to assault the Wheeler creek 10 mile loop and well- didn't fair as well as yesterday. Beautiful morning, beautiful course but I ran like a piano mover. We finished about 15 minutes slower than yesterday but I just didn't have it. Pizza the night before didn't help but I never got into a good rhythm.
I need to get out a couple times before Logan Peak on Saturday but finding time will be tough.
Everything I do for the rest of the summer is just training for Wasatch. Trying to keep things in perspective.
One thing I need to focus more on is the diet. After Squaw, I faltered a bit and can feel it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back to Wheeler.

What a day. Got back out to the Wheeler Creek TH to run with my good friend Scott Mendoza.
I haven't run it since last year. We met at Scott's house around 7 am and headed up to the trail head. This is a great run to do with Scott because he really pushes me up the trail. He just grinds out icebox and the rest of the uphill and my goal is to keep up. I felt pretty good today. Change of course, running with a friend and the cooler temps probably had a lot to do with it. I hung in there with Scott pretty well on the grindage and felt great coming back down.
If you ever get a chance, this is a must do run! I will make it a staple run from here on out. You can take a 5 miles loop and 10 mile loop or you can really extend and get up to Snowbasin and make the run endless. The goal is to do this a few times a week and throw in Indian Trail. Reports from my Bonneville Shoreline run (besides the major heat) is rattlesnakes and popping up. Did the 10 mile run in 1:30 which is decent and I am light years ahead of last year on the same course. I have the Logan Peak Trail run Saturday and really need to shuffle things around with Melony's family in for the week. Gotta have the family time!
Thanks for a great run Scott.
Also, Phil Mendoza ran the Big Horn 50 today and kicked ass with a 12:50 finish! Way to go Phil!
P.S. Scott Jaime tore up the Desert RATS with a Stage 1 & 6 course record and beat his goal of 24 hours by finishing in 22:49 and a 2nd place overall finish.
Man, I got some cool friends!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Back!

Well after Squaw I took 2 days off and have done some light running mixed with playing in a few soccer games. I felt great after Squaw and wanted to keep it going which I have done.
With trying to get my stolen car situation taken care of and remodeling the house for a visit from the family, it has been crazy. Also, Euro 2008 is under way and it has had some beautiful soccer!
Last night I was lucky enough to get out in the dry heat and suffer for 10 miles. Man, this heat really sucks. My throat and mouth were dry the entire time. My legs felt good and my lungs felt pretty good. I really need to step up the miles now and it looks like my next race will be the Logan Peak Trail race (6/28) which has good good vertical for 30 miles.
While I was running all I could think about was my good friend Scott Jaime running his stage race in the desert- Desert RATS. YUCK!
After the 3rd Stage he is 19 minutes behind the leader with a 52 miler and 26.2 miler to go. The pace they are at should put someone under 24 hours and $1000 richer.
Good Luck Eddy, we are all cheering you on.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Squaw Peak 50- 12:44

Whew. What a day! I guess I was a little off in my earlier post, Squaw Peak 50 pre-race. I said the race will really start for me at mile 33. WRONG! The race starts at 5 am. Phil and I pulled up to the race, got out of the car and woo-hoo, the race was under way. We sprinted to drop off our drop bags and get to the start. Not only were we late but it was raining pretty good too.
I clocked some PR down the first 3+ miles on the paved path. I knew I had to get ahead of alot of people to keep my chances of a sub 12 alive. Once you get off the path, you start going up and I didn't want to get pinned behind everyone. I ran with Phil until the pavement ended and he stopped for a potty break and I kept going.
The rain has made for an unexpected experience. MUD! The trail was a mess. We were going straight up and the mud was brutal. People were sliding an falling everywhere. I later found out a few people broke bones on this part. Yikes. The rain got harder and heavier as we made our way up the muddy single track.
I was definitely behind in my splits and was trying to adjust mentally to the fact that after 7 miles I was off on my times. Things turned for me surprisingly enough when it started to SNOW. Yep, wasn't expecting snow in June. Started off as a flurry and while others were complaining I thought, hey-this is pretty cool. My feet were soaked which is a huge peat peeve of mine and the snow just froze them. As we trekked along, we had entered a blizzard. The snow was now falling sideways due to the wind and I would guess there was at least 3 fresh inches on snow on the ground.
The views were spectacular and the snow made it surreal. I chose not to pull out the iPod and just enjoy nature.
I came into AS #5 and was feeling the effects of a long decent. Once we hit Hobble Creek road, I was pretty beat up. I used alot more energy than I was expecting with the slick conditions and my feet felt pretty bad. Once on the road, i wanted to see if I could make up any time but I just didn't feel it. I was sputtering along and came across Jaime and Ron Remkes. WOW, talk about speed walking. Without them there I would have really struggled but talking with them helped me forget how I felt and they really pulled me on the road.
We hit AS#6 and I was in and out quick. Just a few hundred yards past the AS, I stopped and took my shoes and socks off to clear them out. Good move on my part. The sun started to come out so I stopped and pulled off my Pearl Izumi Fly jacket which saved me thus far. Once I took off the jacket, it revealed the Team Pearl Izumi-Smith race shirt. Talk about an adrenaline rush! I felt so proud to wear it and once I saw it I had to get moving. I am just the manager, not an athlete so I couldn't let them down. I passes quite a few people up the road to AS#7.
In and out of AS#7 quick and headed toward #8. This is my favorite part of the course. It is beautiful. Aspens, creeks and groves of trees everywhere.
Hit AS#8 and got in and out of there quick too. Walked all the hills and caught up to a couple guys who were running so I thought, what the hell. Stayed with them all the way to Windy Pass.
Windy Pass beat me last year but I will be a little cocky and call it a draw this year. It cheated and decided to be covered in snow. It was a crazy rough climb but I kept on keeping on. It wasn't as bad as I thought and I actually passed a few people going up which is a far cry from last year.
Ran with Kasey, Billy and Joel until AS#9. In and out quick.
Time to haul off of Windy.....wait-tons of damn snow. Took longer to get down but knowing I would be done soon I flew. Got to AS#10 and there was my family. Surprise! That felt great. I took off my Nathan vest, grabbed a handheld and hit the road.
I ran the entire road to the finish which for me felt great. As I turned the corner to the finish I knew I would finish sub 13 which was nice. I picked up Aspen and grabbed Sami's hand and headed toward the finish. 12:44! I will take it. Considering the conditions I feel good with this. I cut out almost 2 hours from last year and overall I felt good. What a difference a year can make.
Thanks to everyone who helped me through this.
I left a few things out but didn't want to write a novel. If we talk soon I will share a few "war" stories.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pre-Race thoughts: Squaw Peak 50

Well, Squaw Peak is here! Only a couple days away. Once again I do not feel ready but that's just how it always is. There is nothing I can change at this point but I do feel like I am in much better shape than last year. I have put in much more work on the trails and dinner table. My weight is not the goal I was shooting for but I am lighter than last year and have felt good about getting it down. I have done more climbing this year than the past so hopefully it will help me a little in getting up to Windy Pass. I know the race is long and I need to focus on the entire course but I truly believe the race for me will really begin at Aide Station 8 (mile 33ish).
Mentally, this will be challenging. I have been a competitor my entire life and I have a goal of getting under 12 hours. Last year I did 14:26 (goal was 15:00). Again, not impressive or blazing but a goal for me. So do I shoot for under 12 and push hard or do I realize the big picture and use it as a Wasatch trainer? The ideal situation would be both.
There is more snow this year and that will slow me down but maybe add some more excitement.
Last years race was my first 50 miler and I didn't think I would be back. Windy Pass just kicked my ass. Saying that, I really enjoyed it and I feel I owe Windy Pass and cameo appearance. Round 1 went to Windy, Round 2 goes to........
Here is what my race card looks like that I am carrying:
AS #3- 2:19
AS #4- 3:13
AS #5- 4:30
AS #6- 5:22
AS #7- 6:23
AS #8- 7:21
AS #9- 10:00
AS #10- 11:21
Finish- 11:57
I want to say thank you to all my friends and family who have helped me prepare for the race- you all know who you are! I couldn't even attempt it without you. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!
I will have a race report when I return.
Remember- No Excuses, No Regrets- Leave Nothing!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Final Squaw tune-up

Today was my final tune-up before Squaw Peak. I had my wife drop me off at the top of the North Ogden Pass (don't want to park my car and get it stolen again).
The trail was extremely muddy from the days of hard rain. I took my time not wanting to chance an injury. Even though it was very muddy, the overall terrain was beautiful.
About half way down the trail a group of 4-5 Hispanic guys starting throwing rocks at me from the road above and yelling and whistling at me. I looked twice to see how close they were coming and just kept going. I figured this was just par for the week. By the way, they never did hit me.
I got to the bottom of the trail and hit the road for 1.6 miles back to my house.
On the way back I stopped at a park and did 6 x100 pseudo sprints. Not sure if they were exactly 100 but close enough. I got home and had my a nice bowl of bow tie pasta.
Overall, I didn't feel great on the run but it was nice to clear my head after the last few days of getting my life back. Oh yeah, they found my car. Yippee!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing Catch up

Monday- Off
Tuesday- Easy 6
Wednesday- Indian Trail 11.5
Thursday- Indian Trail 11.5
Friday - Off
Saturday- Indian Trail 11.5
Sunday - BST and part Indian 13
Well, I am a slacker and haven't posted in awhile so nothing great to report. Decent runs in midweek but Saturday and Sunday were brutal. Legs and body just wasn't in it. I finished my runs but never felt a spring and everything felt forced. Not what I was hoping for leading to Squaw.
On a side note, the run Sunday never felt good but it was great compared to getting done with the run, turning the corner and seeing a pile of glass in the spot you parked your car. Some son of a bitch(es) stole my Trailblazer! Nice job humanity! Never felt better about the human race as I did today. Sure, it wasn't everyone but to steal someones car (child seat in back), just ridiculous. My wallet, cell phone, Salomon running shoes, card from my daughter, etc were in there. I know its possessions and the car can be replaced but I feel totally violated. My house key was in my car with my driver license so they know exactly where to go next. ran down to Home Depot to BUY all new locks for my house. Cancelled my credit card, bank account and everything.
Anyway, bottom line, trust is on the decline. I am sour and maybe bitter about it but hey, its my right. Now I get to sit and wait to see if my car pops up. If not, after 30 damn days, I get my insurance to pick it up. Even if everything can be replaced, I was still violated and who knows how long that lasts.
Basically I am going into Squaw with a not so good mind set and no words will probably be able to change that. At this point, I just hope for a finish......