Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back to Wheeler.

What a day. Got back out to the Wheeler Creek TH to run with my good friend Scott Mendoza.
I haven't run it since last year. We met at Scott's house around 7 am and headed up to the trail head. This is a great run to do with Scott because he really pushes me up the trail. He just grinds out icebox and the rest of the uphill and my goal is to keep up. I felt pretty good today. Change of course, running with a friend and the cooler temps probably had a lot to do with it. I hung in there with Scott pretty well on the grindage and felt great coming back down.
If you ever get a chance, this is a must do run! I will make it a staple run from here on out. You can take a 5 miles loop and 10 mile loop or you can really extend and get up to Snowbasin and make the run endless. The goal is to do this a few times a week and throw in Indian Trail. Reports from my Bonneville Shoreline run (besides the major heat) is rattlesnakes and popping up. Did the 10 mile run in 1:30 which is decent and I am light years ahead of last year on the same course. I have the Logan Peak Trail run Saturday and really need to shuffle things around with Melony's family in for the week. Gotta have the family time!
Thanks for a great run Scott.
Also, Phil Mendoza ran the Big Horn 50 today and kicked ass with a 12:50 finish! Way to go Phil!
P.S. Scott Jaime tore up the Desert RATS with a Stage 1 & 6 course record and beat his goal of 24 hours by finishing in 22:49 and a 2nd place overall finish.
Man, I got some cool friends!!!!

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