Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing Catch up

Monday- Off
Tuesday- Easy 6
Wednesday- Indian Trail 11.5
Thursday- Indian Trail 11.5
Friday - Off
Saturday- Indian Trail 11.5
Sunday - BST and part Indian 13
Well, I am a slacker and haven't posted in awhile so nothing great to report. Decent runs in midweek but Saturday and Sunday were brutal. Legs and body just wasn't in it. I finished my runs but never felt a spring and everything felt forced. Not what I was hoping for leading to Squaw.
On a side note, the run Sunday never felt good but it was great compared to getting done with the run, turning the corner and seeing a pile of glass in the spot you parked your car. Some son of a bitch(es) stole my Trailblazer! Nice job humanity! Never felt better about the human race as I did today. Sure, it wasn't everyone but to steal someones car (child seat in back), just ridiculous. My wallet, cell phone, Salomon running shoes, card from my daughter, etc were in there. I know its possessions and the car can be replaced but I feel totally violated. My house key was in my car with my driver license so they know exactly where to go next. ran down to Home Depot to BUY all new locks for my house. Cancelled my credit card, bank account and everything.
Anyway, bottom line, trust is on the decline. I am sour and maybe bitter about it but hey, its my right. Now I get to sit and wait to see if my car pops up. If not, after 30 damn days, I get my insurance to pick it up. Even if everything can be replaced, I was still violated and who knows how long that lasts.
Basically I am going into Squaw with a not so good mind set and no words will probably be able to change that. At this point, I just hope for a finish......

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FastED said...

Sure words can't change your mind set but your mind set is filled with desire and passion. It's hard for you to see that right now but don't let those bastards take that away from you too! You have trained too hard!