Sunday, May 25, 2008

16 miles

Last night Phil called and invited to run with a group of people from the area. Some of them were Phil, Cory Johnson, Tom Remkes, Ron Remkes, Tony (Peak Performance), Casey, her brother Billy and a few others. There were about 11-12 people total. We met at Rainbow Gardens at 7 am and Tony drove us all to the top of North Ogden pass. We got out and had a great run down North Ogden pass and joined up with BST. We took BST all the way back to Rainbow gardens. That was about 9.5 miles. Phil, Ron, Cory, Casey, Billy and myself all decided to go further and we started up Indian Trail. Due to the fact my sister is in town from Colorado Springs, I had to get back a little earlier so I told them I would run Indian Trail to the hut on top. Once there, we all turned around and BURNED back to Rainbow. All said and done, I did about 16 miles. I will count his as doing Indian for the 2nd time -4 to go before SP50.
Overall another great run with good mileage and good climbing. Surprisingly, this was the best I have felt doing vertical and that was after about 10 miles so I guess the training is paying off.
It was also great to run with a group of pretty neat people. I look forward to more.

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