Saturday, May 10, 2008

27 miles.

Alright, I am changing my blog structure. I will now make the headline my mileage. I know people who do it that way and it just makes sense. It is harder to go back in to track my mileage.
Wait, what if I do my normal posts and then do an end of week with mileage. hmmmm, Okay I will think it over.
Anyway, decent run. Stayed on my feet for 5 hours which was the main goal but i really thought i could cover 30 miles. I originally planned on running to WSU and back but I decided to do something I despise, I did loops. I did my normal run and added a little to it and tweaked it. I made my car the aide station and just went to it to refuel. I wasn't sure how everything would work out logistically and I was trying my new Nathan Hydration pack.
the run started pretty smooth even though the weather man is full of crap. They said high was going to be 63. Right.... it was 63 by 9:30-10 am. The first loop was great. The return trip to the car sucked. Apparently there was a organized mountain bike ride and I was going against the current. There were about 50-60 riders and they were pretty spaced out. I would go 10 yards or less and have to hop off the single track and let these suckers ride by. Some were nice and cordial others were like Kobe Bryant at a Motel 8.
I hit the car after the first loop and the legs felt good and I was ready to go for lap 2. No more riders so it went good. After I got the the waterfall I decided to run down to Rainbow gardens and made a detour up the canyon on the other side of the river. Pretty cool trail. It was my first time on that part of the trail and it added a refreshing change. While I was running up the canyon I decided to forgo a 3rd loop and really add miles to this one. I was all over the mountain side, exploring and running into dead ends. It really broke up the run. unfortunately being on the west side of the mountain, it really exposed me to the heat and I was really feeling it. I struggled the last couple miles and was just glad to be done.
Not sure what I am thinking about Wasatch at this point. People keep telling me that 100 miles is a long way and I am really starting to think they are right.
I finished 5 hours and change with 26.6 miles. I wasn't happy with the miles so I did a half a mile or so when I got home. The drive home made me mad that I only got 26.6.
I will take off Sunday and Monday and go on Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday I will be running with my man "Fast Ed".
Here to another run....

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FastED said...

Good running! You were by yourself and doing loops of all things! That's mentally tough! You have never run an organized marathon yet you squeezed out 27 myles and you're not happy about it. C'mon dude, that's the mentally of a TRUE ULTRA-RUNNER!

Looking forward to our running adventures! Sometime this week see if you can find out if Farmington Canyon is open. I think it stays open all winter but check anyways so we won't be stranded up there or have to run down that road.