Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome back Manners

After taking 3 days off (I know, I know) I hit the trails to punish myself for being a bad boy. The weather was perfect, overcast and chilly with a slight chance of rain (I was really hoping for the rain but it never showed). Did the BST and really looked to push it. I started my run and about a mile or so in to it I came up on 3 guys and a couple dogs working on the trail. Hey- one my was buddy Phil (who was actually running) and the other 2 were his friends Tom Remkes and Tom's son Travis. They were doing trail work for Wasatch. the 2 dogs were there for pure fun. They had done some amazing work on the trail. There is a group of them that have done great things on this trail which I have adopted as my home trail. This is where I am hoping to do my trail work for Wasatch too. It was nice to see Phil since I haven't run with anyone for a few weeks.
We talked for a minute and Phil and I took off for a run together. We really moved. Did my normal run it felt great. It was nice to have a little conversation too. Phil is training for the Ogden marathon on the 17th and after that has a pretty big load of races. Best of luck to him and the Ogden marathon!
We parted ways on the trail and when we did, I pushed the pace hard. It was getting dark and I was on the single track so I wanted to get back before the rocks and tree stumps started to grab me. I just love that feeling of really moving through the trees. I wish I could run this pace more often. By the time I got to the car, I was soaking wet with sweat. Great feeling knowing you worked hard for something even if it is stinky....

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