Saturday, May 3, 2008

What a sunset...

WOW! What a great sunset. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do. I take so many things for granted in life and days like to day help me realize that I need to start appreciating things just as a bit more. After a very long Saturday of soccer games, shopping, yard work and taking care of mom- I got out on the trail to end the day. The plan was to work on speed and go 10 miles. It was late and I knew if I didn't boogie then I would be out in the dark and I didn't take my headlamp. Started off great and felt really strong. I didn't pay much attention to anything but my pace. I wanted to push myself hard until I hit the threshold of feeling a little to uncomfortable. I almost got to the waterfall and hit the trail down to rainbow Gardens, I felt great (down in 4 up in 7) so I quoted Ms. Spears and said "hit me baby one more time" and did it again. WOW, what an effort that was. After I reached the top it was more like "Oops I did it again".
Anyway, I did it twice and went to the waterfall to take in everything around me. This part has become more meditation than anything. When you are up that high with those views and the smell of the outdoors, it really puts things into perspective. Here is where I encountered a problem- I let my self stay there too long and the sun wasn't going to wait for me. I got down to the fire road and flew to the car. I have never ran that pace for that long before and it felt GREAT! All along the run I kept looking over and the sunset was absolutely breath taking. Lucky me. I didn't take my iPod on the run and I am glad I didn't. Just surreal. Tomorrow I am off to Sun Valley for a few days and after tonight's 13 miles, I may need it.

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