Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indian Trail +

What a beautiful morning. Met Scott Mendoza at 7am for a out and back on Indian Trail. I am trying to do this about 6 times before Squaw Peak and today was #1. We start at Rainbow gardens and make the trek to "Smokey Bear". At the other end of Indian Trail there is a big Smokey the Bear sign that gives you an update on fire danger so you will read about "Rainbow to Smokey Bear." On the way out to Smokey Bear we didn't see a sole. It was our trail and the sun was coming up from the east which is the general direction we head so it was awesome. I just got a new Go Pro Camera. It is a video and still shot camera that mounts to helmets. It has different adapters and I wore it like a headlamp. Since it was the first run for it, there were a few learning points. It definitely jiggles a bit but I think I can secure it tighter to get a better picture. I actually got some good footage and might put it on the blog. Once we got near the end of Indian, we headed back. On the way back we started to see quite a few people but the great thing about this trail is NO MOUNTAIN BIKES. makes it kinda nice not having to worry about dodging on coming traffic. After we got back to Rainbow which is about 11.5 miles, Scott and I decided to run up to the waterfall and back. Added just over a mile so for the day, I got about 13 miles. Lots of climbing which is my focus right now.
Overall, good day, good run with a good friend.

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