Sunday, May 18, 2008

Temperature check

After a tough run yesterday, it was time to follow up with another long run. My initial plan was to get at least 10 miles knowing Granduer Peak throttled me. I met Scott Mendoza, Phil Mendoza and Scott Jaime at Rainbow Gardens for a day on the trail. We left the parking lot and did the Indian Trail. I have never done the whole trail in one swoop. After yesterday I didn't want to see any vertical but that's how we started. I could really feel the climbing in my legs and once again I was bringing up the rear. I was keeping it into perspective and just wanted to enjoy it with my friends. The descent from Indian was awesome. It's too bad Mr. Jaime lives in Colorado, this group is fun. We hit the bottom of the Indian trail and went down the canyon back to rainbow to refuel. On the way to the car, Phil must have felt the effect of a great marathon the day before (4:02, way proud of you man!), he started chasing quail around the parking lot. Once we left the parking lot we headed south on the BST. The effects of the day before were really beginning to take its toll on my legs. There were mush. We headed out a few miles and Phil was feeling discomfort in his leg so he turned around. Who could blame him, he did the Ogden Marathon the day before and played a rather intense game of DUCK-DUCK-GOOSE.
About a half mile later, Scott Mendoza turned back and got in a solid 15 miles.
Being somewhat brain dead and suffering from the intense heat, I decided to keep going. We made it over to Bues pond and turned back. I ran with Eddy for a bit and then he took off. I tried to run as much as I could and I think I did better than I thought I would. All in all I did 20 miles.
For the back to back over the weekend I felt great...considering. Lots of miles, lots of vertical and the best friends a guy could have.
Thanks my friends!

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