Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finding my legs, 10 miles

After a couple days off for weather and most importantly, my legs, I decided to get back on the trails. I got out on a nice walk Monday night to help loosen the legs and to my surprise I wasn't as sore as I thought. I was actually sore in my lower legs. Did a decent run. The trail was slick though. All this hard pack dirt and rocks with a nice coat of rain and WHEEEEE.....
I will probably get back out tomorrow for a tempo run and hit the Indian Trail Saturday and Sunday. I really want to finish Squaw under 12. Not a great time but it would cut off 2 1/2 hours from last year. I feel pretty good and the past weekend was huge. i am so much farther ahead of last year and mentally I feel pretty good. Squaw starts a busy summer and I want to do well. I am working on my splits card along with quotes for the other side so if anyone has any inspirational quotes to help me out, please leave them.
On a side note, Team Pearl Izumi-Smith is in the final stages of completion for the year. We have some great athletes and sponsors. Our website will hopefully be active in a week so stay tuned.

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