Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What am I doing?

So maybe I am not cut out for this long running gig. When I start to get some solid training in and get more confident about my running, bad things happen. For the last 3+ months I have been struggling with a groin and ab injury. Last Saturday I went out for a 18 mile run and the last 3 were very painful. I got into a new Dr and was told I have a "rectus abdominis strain" My first comment was - "no Doc, it hurts in the front not the rear." He said that the strain in my lower ab was causing my groin problem as well. Apparently it is a pretty common injury but if not treated properly, it can become a major issue. He sent me PT so I asked around a found a PT that deals with athletes. The last few I went to are more used to helping older non active people recover from surgery and I am thinking I have a different mindset than that.
 So the Buffalo Run is out for this weekend which is a major blow. I have run it 5 out of 5 years and now my streak will end. The decision came mainly due to the pain and further injury but also because if I can get it fixed I can still focus on June through September.
I guess this is yet another hurdle and hopefully it will not set me back more than a few weeks.
I will be out on the island Saturday so if you see me, say hello.
I will update my progress and hope to not miss much time or any on the trails.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey a new post

So many happenings and no time so the blog takes the hit. After Moab things just got busier and busier. I took off a few days after the race to Colorado for the Pearl Izumi Ultra Team Summit. The weekend was a blast, spending time with some great people. PI is really gung ho on the trail scene right now and being able to sit with their product managers to see some new gear and hear their visions was exciting! The team is loaded with talent and quality individuals. Me, well I just soaked it all in!
I have been running as well believe it or not- swimming too. Problem is the groin and ab injury that slowed me down in December is back. Not sure what to think about it. I can get out on runs from 8-10 miles and feel pretty decent but anything longer right now is a little painful. So heading into the Buffalo Run it looks like I will drop from the 50 mile to the 50k.  This really bums me out since I was looking forward to running 50. I have done the 25k all 5 years and have resisted running the 50k because I just do not like looped courses. I guess I will have to wait and see though.
Until then I will continue to get some quality running in as well as hitting the pool a bit.
Looking forward to some sunny weather and I am tossing around running the Grand Mesa 100 miler in July.