Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What am I doing?

So maybe I am not cut out for this long running gig. When I start to get some solid training in and get more confident about my running, bad things happen. For the last 3+ months I have been struggling with a groin and ab injury. Last Saturday I went out for a 18 mile run and the last 3 were very painful. I got into a new Dr and was told I have a "rectus abdominis strain" My first comment was - "no Doc, it hurts in the front not the rear." He said that the strain in my lower ab was causing my groin problem as well. Apparently it is a pretty common injury but if not treated properly, it can become a major issue. He sent me PT so I asked around a found a PT that deals with athletes. The last few I went to are more used to helping older non active people recover from surgery and I am thinking I have a different mindset than that.
 So the Buffalo Run is out for this weekend which is a major blow. I have run it 5 out of 5 years and now my streak will end. The decision came mainly due to the pain and further injury but also because if I can get it fixed I can still focus on June through September.
I guess this is yet another hurdle and hopefully it will not set me back more than a few weeks.
I will be out on the island Saturday so if you see me, say hello.
I will update my progress and hope to not miss much time or any on the trails.


Anonymous said...

Tough as it is, sounds like the right thing to do. Sorry to hear it though. Heal up quick. See you out there Saturday.

BJ said...

Dang it. That's a bummer, man. You'll heal up though. It's a long season. See ya tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. I've been plagued by a shin injury since Nov. No stress fracture, but it's taken me out of Running from an Angel, Buffalo Run and now Squaw Pk. Heal up quick my good man

Jon A. said...

Sorry, man, that really stinks. If you're looking for an athlete-oriented PT, you might want to find out who takes care of the Weber State distance runners, and see if you can go to him. I had good luck with the USU trainer at Logan Hospital for my PT.

Like the new picture, by the way. Very cool.