Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's April

April is already here and that means that the race schedule is getting in full swing. I had to drop out and not run the Buffalo Run due to hip and groin injuries. Dealing with them for over 4 months has been pretty discouraging but finding the right PT and going to A.R.T. Massage have proven successful.
To celebrate, this weekend I will be traveling down the do the Grand Canyon R2R2R. This has been on the bucket list ever since I heard about it. I will be going down with 10 other great people I share the trail with from time to time. That is the reason for the picture change on my blog. Krissy Moehl sent it to me this morning to get me ready to go. I am not looking to get it done quick but rather take a little time and as many pictures as I can. After the Grand Canyon I get a few weeks to get ready for Granduer Peak then Timp Trail Marathon then Pocatello (20 miler) the the mighty Squaw Peak. I hope to get to SP50 in better shape than I have ever been. Obviously I have some nice runs the 3 weekends leading up to it so they will not be focused on too much. More less great training with great people on some kick ass trails.
It's April and time to turn the next corner.....
Hope everyone is gearing up for another solid year on the trails.

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Jon A. said...

Keep at it, you'll bounce back! Hope you have fun R2R2R- definitely take lots of photos!

Is that new photo of yours available online? I'd love to put that on my desktop rather than the fuzzy GC one I have.