Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Progress is Progress

Well I haven't ran for 1 week. At my Dr. visit last week he prescribed me some meds and gave me lifts and patches to wear. My Achilles hasn't felt this good since last July. I am hoping it isn't false hope. I will run on it tonight. Slow and easy. Missing Moab really stung! Next is Buffalo on March 28th. Only doing the 25k so that should get me a good start. With all this damn snow, I may need snowshoes for the race. In the pool I am improving and still going twice a week. I just can't seem to figure it out though. Pretty frustrating but I can definitely feel the workout!

Tomorrow, Thursday February 19th, is the 4 year mark of the passing of my father. I sure do miss him. I wasn't running ultra's back then but I definitely feel him with me on my runs and races. He sure would have loved it himself. So tomorrow I will break my diet so I can have his favorite meal. It was like his desert. I will have a big fat cheeseburger, fry and chocolate shake. It may send my body into a tail spin but it will be more than worth it. To you dad, I miss you and love you !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me.

Well today is my 5 year wedding anniversary! Lucky for me my wife has put up with me for that long. The lease is up and I am hoping she wants to keep me. I am pretty lucky, as many of you runners (and others) know, its really hard to do this thing without support, maybe even impossible. Thank you Melony, I love you!
On a side note, went to a Podiatrist yesterday and got a check up on the Achilles. So now I wear heal lifts, wear a patch on the area and am taking a steroid! Not anabolic so I don't need to worry about MLB testing, not that they would care. I am still pretty frustrated to I am keeping an appointment with a Orthopedic next week. I was told running was bad, really? I also hit the pool today and had my best workout yet, must be the adrenaline from my anniversary. Sad to say i will not be running Moab Saturday, very disappointed. This race helped get me through winter. Next up Buffalo run (I hope).
Good Luck to all in Moab this weekend. Keep your eye on Justin Ricks in the 50k. Good Luck to all my friends I train with!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting old.

It is getting old. I put in a solid run last night but the Achilles was in bad shape. I don't know what to do or what is going on. I am doing everything "by the book" and it seems like it is getting worse. I don't know if I am causing more damage or I just need to learn to deal with pain. I have heard so much about Achilles injuries and lengths of rehab but after 3 months of nothing and it still isn't better concerns me.
I got up his morning and braved the snow fall at 5:30 am, hit the pool and put in some laps. Swimming doesn't bother the Achilles at all which is no surprise but I want to run in the mountains. I set an appointment for a podiatrist tomorrow (wed) so I hope to get some answers. All I need know is what's going on. Ease my mind. I am missing Moab this weekend but I really want to be ready for Buffalo. I love the race and love the 25k. I am really hoping to get answers tomorrow. This is just getting old and frustrating.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, its time to start posting a little bit more. I wanted to wait until things started to become more consistent. Right now I am swimming on Tues and Thurs. mornings and running 4 days a week. I am taking one day off a week. The miles are huge but the Achilles won't let me get into any sort of rhythm. Unfortunately I will be skipping the Moab race this year so my first race will be Buffalo run in March. After that, i am hoping to run the Spring Desert Ultra in April but time will tell. So far it seems my comfort of running hits a wall at about 7 miles at a 8:35 pace. For me that isn't bad and I don't want to go to far and risk re injuring the Achilles. Currently I am just playing it by pain. The swelling is there everyday as well as the lap around the kitchen every morning to loosen it up.
Good news, the PI-Smith team is really looking good. Lots of quality races for these amazing athletes. The new kits look fantastic and of course the PI stuff is first class.
My wife is tinkering withe the idea of running the 5 mile race at Spring Desert and i am very proud of the miles she is putting in. Before you know it she will be faster than her old hubby.
Expect more up to date posts and hopefully more miles.