Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me.

Well today is my 5 year wedding anniversary! Lucky for me my wife has put up with me for that long. The lease is up and I am hoping she wants to keep me. I am pretty lucky, as many of you runners (and others) know, its really hard to do this thing without support, maybe even impossible. Thank you Melony, I love you!
On a side note, went to a Podiatrist yesterday and got a check up on the Achilles. So now I wear heal lifts, wear a patch on the area and am taking a steroid! Not anabolic so I don't need to worry about MLB testing, not that they would care. I am still pretty frustrated to I am keeping an appointment with a Orthopedic next week. I was told running was bad, really? I also hit the pool today and had my best workout yet, must be the adrenaline from my anniversary. Sad to say i will not be running Moab Saturday, very disappointed. This race helped get me through winter. Next up Buffalo run (I hope).
Good Luck to all in Moab this weekend. Keep your eye on Justin Ricks in the 50k. Good Luck to all my friends I train with!

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