Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Back!

Well after Squaw I took 2 days off and have done some light running mixed with playing in a few soccer games. I felt great after Squaw and wanted to keep it going which I have done.
With trying to get my stolen car situation taken care of and remodeling the house for a visit from the family, it has been crazy. Also, Euro 2008 is under way and it has had some beautiful soccer!
Last night I was lucky enough to get out in the dry heat and suffer for 10 miles. Man, this heat really sucks. My throat and mouth were dry the entire time. My legs felt good and my lungs felt pretty good. I really need to step up the miles now and it looks like my next race will be the Logan Peak Trail race (6/28) which has good good vertical for 30 miles.
While I was running all I could think about was my good friend Scott Jaime running his stage race in the desert- Desert RATS. YUCK!
After the 3rd Stage he is 19 minutes behind the leader with a 52 miler and 26.2 miler to go. The pace they are at should put someone under 24 hours and $1000 richer.
Good Luck Eddy, we are all cheering you on.

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