Saturday, April 12, 2008

First of a back to back

Today was the smaller of the back to back. I wanted to push a 15 and 20 back to back this weekend so I started with the 15. I did the northern part of the Bonneville Shoreline and looped it to make the distance work. The weather was great. I started about 3:00 pm and it was about 60 degrees with an ever so slight cross wind. The trails were a little more crowded than normal but no major incidents. The loop is just about 7.5 miles depending on the exact route. My first loop was 1:05 and I felt pretty good. One thing I struggle with is the first 1-2 miles. They seem so difficult. The second loop I did in 1:03. Not to bad I thought. the second loop everything felt good!
tomorrow will be the real test. I am doing 20 miles with Phil.

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