Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm baaaaack....

Alright, I am a slacker. Not that anyone reads this but I have missed a week of posts. I got caught up in silly things like work, wife, kids, yard work and oh yea...running. Just kidding. Don't call Melony. Anyway, since last Wednesday I have run the following:
Thursday- nope
Friday -8 miles
Saturday- 12 miles
Sunday - 5 miles (legs didn't work well)
Monday - off
Tuesday - nope
Wednesday- 8 miles
Not outstanding miles but at least I did something. The back to back days felt good but that 3rd day was brutal. Today I am hoping to run with my friend Scott Mendoza on the Bonneville Shoreline trail for about 10 miles. The weather here has been crazy. It has been cold and snowing. I have already fertilized my yard trying to get ahead of spring....
I will do better at getting my posts back going but it has been the least of priorities. Besides, my TV shows are back on so at night instead of typing I am being lazy.
I want to wish my good friend and inspiration Scott "Fast Eddy" Jaime luck at American River this weekend.
Look for product reviews to come soon....
I have heard there is a new ultra team forming but I don't have all the details yet. Sounds pretty exciting.....

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