Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks Mr. Bowerman! (sorta)

I want to give a big shout out to my man Bill. Today, the weather started getting rough and Manners wasn't so sure about it. The mountain looked pretty intimidating with the dark clouds.
On my drive to the mountain my wife called and said "do you know its raining?", I replied "really it is raining at home? Cause its snowing where I am" She didn't think it was funny right away but she quickly changed her tune.
I really didn't feel like running even after I was running but Bill kept creeping back into my head..."There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."
Well, I don't want to be a soft people so I kept running. The first 2 miles I rolled my ankle 3 times, seriously. I thought about turning around, you know, like it was a sign. Well I wasn't that smart. I kept going and thanks to Nathan Hydration I survived a pretty nasty face plant. I hit a rock just right with my toe and TIMBER - so if manners falls in the woods and nobody is around does he still make noise....HELL YES! Ouch! The water in my right hand helped break the fall (yes people, my water broke) and my left hand took a nice hit, when I rolled I felt those really nice sharp pointy rocks try and give acupuncture but I am guessing they don't feel that much alike.
I got up, assessed the damage then made sure nobody was around. Whew! The weather kept the spectators off the mountain. Well after the fall I decided to listen to the signs...NOPE! I got up licked my wounds and kept chugging along. Finished 10 miles in the wind and snow and felt like I really accomplished something. Thanks Bill, I guess.......


FastED said...

What about a thought of the week? Perseverance seems to be a good though....

Manners said...

You're right. I have gottne away from my "thoughts of he week"
Well, stayed tuned cause they are going to make a comeback, just like New Kids on the Block...hangin tough baby!