Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finished strong

Today I met Scott and Phil at Rainbow Gardens. As Scott put it "we have a regular Thursday running club". Starting the run we went north of the canyon to run up to the waterfall. This is a good grind with amazing views and adds 2 quick miles to the run. My lungs felt really tight all the way up. I was trying to get my legs to respond all day. They just seem weak. On the way back down from waterfall and i thought it would be fun to roll my I did! Yep, I was right, it does hurt to roll your ankle. We hit the parking lot and began to run up Indian Trail. Great climb and great views. Came back down and ran on the BST and hit another canyon. Lots of snow still but it made it cooler. The creek in this canyon is getting a little larger and the sound is mesmerizing. Due to the time, we decided to head back to the cars.
Near the end of the run I decided to really stretch the legs. In is downhill but we hit paces on 7-7:30 miles. As we got closer I let gravity take over. I was looking down at my GPS and hit between 6-6:15 mile. I was flying. I put things in perspective and this is how the elite runners go. It felt great but definitely not my pace.
Overall it was a good 8-8.5 miles. I really need to get out this weekend and put on some miles.

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