Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh Mommy......

Well if I felt good yesterday, today was a different story. Started at 8:30 am at Phil's house, we ran to the trailhead and started the day. We started on the fire road for about amile to get the legs warmed up. The morning air was a bit chilly. We jumped up ont the BST and started rocking. We had a great pace and things were flowing. We got to th e"BL" on the mountain and started to climb. We basically went straight up. What a grind. We went pretty far and the views were amazing. We knew we sere meeting Scott (Phil's bro) at 10:15'ish so we started back down. The rest of the way down and the single track to the Rainbow Gardens parking lot was still a great pace. We ran into Scott right befor ethe road, stoppepd and his car, filled up the handhelds and we were off. We ran up the Rainbow grind and jumped on the BST going south. The heat was getting pretty hot so I really tried to stay ahead on my electrolytes and fluid. We ran up Indian and then down, ran up another canyon (name escapes me) then down, tracked through a bunch of snow which felt good having the cool snow below us. We jumped back on BST and kept on trucking. Made it to about 29th street and Scott headed back and Phil and I pressed on. We went past Weber State University and dropped down into a real nice neighborhood (something you would find in Highlands Ranch, Colorado). We turned around and hoofed it back. Before we hit rainbow Gardens on the return, the heat started to really take its toll on me.
We made it back to Phils with a grand total of 21.64 miles. I felt ever step.
This was a positive step in the right direction but all I could think is "do that 4 more times and you have the DISTANCE of Wasatch" (not the climbing though.
man, did I bite off more than I could chew????
Stay tuned.......

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Nicole said...

I'm sure you didn't run into a subdivision of cookie cutter houses, did you?? ....then it wasn't like Highlands Ranch, Colorado