Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have let life take over a little so now its time I reel things back into perspective.
After last Thursday's post here is what I have:
Friday- OFF
Saturday- 15 miles
Sunday- 8 miles (left for Idaho)
Monday- OFF (Idaho)
Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday- 10 (to follow below)
Yesterday (since to day is Thursday now) I had a really nice run. The GPS watch wasn't charged so I did something uncomfortable for me and went out with a regular watch. Spooky! I decided to run a familiar trail since I was sure of the distance. Lots on my mind so I took to the trails with attitude. I felt great. I was moving along faster than normal and felt a little more burn to start but then it felt more effortless as I ran. The weather was perfect low 50's and i saw one other person on the mountain, some guy mtn. biking in levis. Yikes, that just cant be comfortable.
Anyway, I felt bad about not finding the time for longer runs over the weekend and took the guilt out on the trails. Finish with my fastest time yet.
Out again today (Thursday) just working it around Sami's soccer practice.

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