Friday, April 25, 2008

10 ?

I think I did 10 miles today. I went out again without my trusty GPS watch but did a little exploring. I wasn't able to make the "Thursday night run" with the Mendoza boys so I went out a little later. I went to my usually northern BST route but there were quite a few mountain bikers so I went off track and tried to get away. I got in some great climbing and I could tell near the end of the run. I was just happy I stuck to my original plan of running at all.
I will take Friday off and so a back to back this weekend with 15+ miles each run. That will put me at 50'ish miles for the week which isn't too bad considering I took off Monday and Tuesday. If I would have stuck to the plan to run on Tuesday it would put me at 60+ which is right where I need/want to be. Hopefully the coming week will have fewer distractions and I can grow a pair and not have any excuses.

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