Monday, September 8, 2008

Wasatch 100.....34:51

I DID IT! I DID IT! I still can't believe it. 34 hours and 51 minutes. As I sit here typing and trying to ignore all the little and big pains, I just can't believe how lucky I am. I definitely could not have done this alone. My wife and kids were troopers. They had a tough ordeal too. Seeing them at the aide stations and finally at the finish were more reward that I could imagine. Scott Mendoza, crewing me at critical times, lending me his pants and just flat out taking care of me..thank you, especially for the apple juice. Rick Robinson, the ultra crew master! Driving and crewing making sure everyone was taken care of. Phil Mendoza-helping me get to the start line with great training runs and seeing him at the finish- Your next buddy! Go rock the BEAR! Julian, AJ, Ray Jean, my sister Wendi and her family Henry, Cari and newly acquired Summer.
Edward-what can I say? I could not have done it without him. Pulled me through and got me to the finish. I would like to officially announce the Wasatch 100k winner-Scott Jaime. Having his knowledge one the course, nutrition, running and life have proved invaluable.
The race started and I was off. I wasn't sure what to expect for the next couple days but I knew I was on a journey. I was stuck going up towards chinscraper behind a line of nearly 25 people. Once we hit the top of chinscraper, I let the legs go. I got into Francis Peak 30 minutes slower than I wanted but I still felt pretty good. Over the next few stretches, I felt great. I ran and everything just seemed to be right. I got into Big Mountain 30 minutes faster than I wanted so I had made up 1 hour. I got in and picked up Scott for the rest of the day. Here is where things started to turn bad. Over the next 30 miles, I couldn't get ahold of stomach. I was in bad shape. I got into Lambs and there was my beautiful family talk about an instant pick up. Up and over Bear Ass pass into Millcreek and things weren't getting much better. Getting out of Millcreek was tough. I was warm, sitting down and was with friends and family-why would I want to leave. The nausea didn't get better and eating was difficult. I stumbled into Brighton but not before and ultra first for me......vomiting. I was in bad shape. I got into Brighton and was met with a sleeping bag and I went over and laid down. I felt like death and informed Scott Mendoza, I was done. There was no way I could go another 25 miles, not in this shape. I laid down for about 1 1/2 hours and things weren't much better. Scott Jaime asked, "what do you wanna do?", "you have to eat something." I just couldn't eat! I mulled over how I felt (again) and in my head, I was done. Then, I see a guy trying to fill out a DNF form but he couldn't bring himself to sign it. I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I asked myself one simple question. "If I dropped out willingly, would I be able to look into the mirror again and like what I saw?" That's all I rally needed but as I went back to Scott and Scott, I saw the guy finally sign his DNF form and I knew it wasn't for me. I looked and Scott and Scott and said LETS GO! I wish I had a camera right there cause both their faces almost looked confused. We left Brighton and I told Scott Jaime, "Push me hard because I am going to finish." The rest of the race was a little slow and go especially the last 14. Talk about hell. Lots of running straight down. As we hit the road to the finish, I still couldn't believe it. I grabbed Aspen from my sister, got Samantha hand and we RAN across the finish line together again.
Overall, I feel great. It scared me how close I came to dropping but I didn't. Not a speedy time but to be honest I DON'T CARE. I learned a lot about myself on this journey and I wouldn't trade it for everything. As great as the race and finish were, getting the support from so many great people was even better. I really feel fortunate to be apart of so many people's lives and seeing the support I received was extremely humbling. I want to thank everyone again! I love you all. My first 100 miler. I heard a quote that is pretty cool- "be the hero of your own life story". I guess anything is possible.


Brad Mitchell said...

I watched the race constsntly via the feed. It was great. You did an incredible job and sounds as though you accomplished eveything you set out to do. That's the idea, right? You should be extremely proud of your accomplishment. Not only 100 miles, but Wasatch at that! Also amazing, you have probably written the first post of all fifnishers.
Recover well - you deserve it.

Justin Ricks said...

Congrats Aric,

I kept track of you during the race, what a great accomplishment....

Todd said...

Hey Aric,
Strong work. Wasatch was a Beast. Hope you are recovering well.
Todd (from Denver)

Trail Goat said...

Congrats on this great accomplishment. Those 100 miles in the Wasatch mts have shaken me to the core before. Way to out last 'em.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Aric! The whole Fisher gang in Colorado was tracking you and cheering you on. Not only did you take on a 100 miler, but you took on one of the toughest and you proved you were tougher. Way to stick it out. You were right about that looking in the mirror thing!

Melony said...

9 days since you accomplished the ultimate goal this year! Do I dare think of the quest for next year? :)
I feel like we are still playing catch up and I finally have a moment to reflect on what it is you really achieved. I still can not think or talk about what you did with out choking up and getting tears in my eyes. It is so much more than finishing a race. You have once again shown the girls and I what you/we can do when you set your mind to it. What a remarkable example you are. Words can never express how proud of you I am and how proud it makes me to stand by your side and be called your wife. Thank you for being with me and for being the amazing husband, father, freind and person you are. It is us who are fortunate, blessed to be loved by you. Thank you for being the hero in my life story. I love you!