Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back and bummed.

Alright, it has been awhile since Wasatch and I have been taking it pretty easy. I have had a pretty uncomfortable Achilles issue in my right leg and I was hoping a few weeks off would make it go away. Wrong! I just got back from the Dr and was told it was Achilles Tendinitis and also have calcium build up. So I am looking for a PT to help get me back on the trails. I had a good year and still had 2 races this year but doing those may not be worth it. I want to better and stronger next year so I need to shut it down a bit until my Achilles feels better. So with that being said-help! Any info would be great to hear. Hopefully I can start PT this week...

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Brad Mitchell said...

Hey Aric,
Sorry to read about the ankle, I know how you feel about having to miss races. Now is the time to heal up in order to come back strong in o9.
I am currently doing the same. No running for October, instead focusing on strength training, yoga, and simple rehab. Everything is starting to feel pretty good (mind and body). You will experience the same and soon be back on the trail thinking about the upcoming season.
Enjoy the fall, stay focused on getting healthy.
Any snow yet? We had a storm blow through this weekend - highs in the low 30's and a dusting of white!