Monday, October 13, 2008

Feel the burn.

Well, since I am not running, per PT orders, I figure i better do something. So i put the road bike on the trainer (got a few inches of snow over the weekend) and busted out the weight bench. I am going to incorporate some swimming as well. I got on the bike and pedalled away last night and like I thought I got up this morning with "saddle sore". It wasn't as fun as running but it is exercise. I just don't want to lose what I gained this year. The last 3 years have gotten better and better with my training and fitness and although I cannot run I really want to maintain something. My next race is the Moab Red Hot 50k in Moab- February 14th, the day of love. My wife signed off on us going so I got a little lucky there.
Anyway, if anyone has some tricks of the trade or advice to keep me going through the winter, let me know.

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Brad Mitchell said...

Aric - My advice is to make your weight sessions endurance based. High reps, low weight, little rest between sets. Keep the heart rate up. My take on cycling is that it is a great cross tool. The downer is that I think it takes twice the distance/time to equal the same of running (1hr cycling is like 30 minutes of running). As for getting through the winter, up here we run through the winter(spikes, trail, and road shoes), ski, treadmills(YUK!)and pray we don't go insane or suffer frost bite.
Also, don't sweat the lay-off, keep in mind your miles and the fact you just raced and finished (about 6 weeks ago)one of the tougher 100's. When it is time to get back to the miles, I think you'll be amazed at how muscle memory works and how the lay-off did you well.