Monday, November 3, 2008

I am back.

Well, I haven't had much to report for awhile now but last night I ran 3 whole miles...pain free. A few years ago, if I would have gone 3 miles, it would have been something huge. Now- different story. It was nice to lace up the Pearl Izumi's are run. I did a nice easy, comfortable pace and stopped at mile 3. I felt like I could have gone further but I am playing it safe. The PT cleared me but there is still a little stiffness and swelling back in the Achilles. When I woke it, it wasn't anymore sore than normal so hopefully that is a good sign. I have been doing a few weights and some tummy work as well. My hopes are to do another 3 tomorrow.
3 miles isn't much but being on my feet and running felt great! I have some big plans for 2009.
Coming soon will be a brief rundown of what I learned in 2008.

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Brad Mitchell said...

Good to read you were able to get out for a few pain free miles. I did the same for the first time in four weeks.