Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wheeler for 11

Another day at Wheeler and another day struggling going up. Ya know, one day it would be nice to move up this thing and feel good. Met Scott and Phil at 7 am to beat the heat but 7 am isn’t early enough. We left the parking lot and up we went. Scott and Phil pulled me up and at times I lost sight of them. Had a pretty good ache in my left shin but at least the back was good. We went through icebox and changed the route and headed up towards Maples. We found a little shade going up this way but when you were exposed, you could feel it.
Scott was on fire the entire run. He ran out in the lead and looked strong. It was a great run with great friends. We covered about 11 miles which was good with me. Going back down from the maples area I felt a lot more comfortable. Finished pretty strong and logged another 11. Not bad. Sure beats yard work…..

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FastED said...

Great running! Keep it up! Glad to see you're hittin it hard w/ Menhoza. Wish I could be there