Thursday, July 3, 2008

Short and Sweet, well maybe just short

Short and sweet. Just did a nice little run today with Scott Mendoza. Tomorrow is a big one so today was good to make sure the legs are working and get a few miles in. Started at the bottom of Wheeler and went towards Maples a bit. It was HOT! We think we did close to 7 miles which is decent. Tomorrow I am meeting a group to go to the top of Ben Lomond so I want to make sure I have a little juice in the legs to get me there.
I didn’t feel great today. I was tight in my back and shins. Not sure where this is all coming from but I sure didn’t care for it. Scott charged up icebox and a fluttered behind. I felt a little better coming down and going to Art Nord but overall, I didn’t have much today. I hope for better tomorrow.

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