Friday, September 10, 2010

Wasatch 100 2010

Today kicks off the Wasatch 100 and I have to admit- I am a little jealous I am not running it. This was my first 100 miler 2 years ago. I got the finish- thanks to my friend Scott Jaime-  but it wasn't pretty. Wasatch will always hold a firm place in my running resume. It was my first 100 and it is in my backyard. I will do it again one day but I wanted to run a few other 100's first. I tried Swancrest this year and well- that didn't work out at all. Since that dreary day (and a half) I can honestly say I haven't had that "spunk" to really run. I have ran a couple races and went on some great training runs but I just don't feel back. I have definitely lost some fitness and even my wife is hounding me to run- I know crazy right?
Well today I get the privilege of pacing from Lamb's Canyon to Brighton (22ish miles). I paced a good portion of this last year for Christian Johnson and this year I get to pace Kelly Bradbury.
So, when I woke up this morning a weird thing happened for me- I was looking forward and excited to run. I actually have been feeling butterflies and I am not even racing. Maybe this is a sign of things turning around or maybe it is a sign of a bad dinner last night. I really hope things are turning cause I miss time on the trails with my friends and those special runs solo. I love running in the fall so today will tell me a lot. I never thought that a DNF would turn me like this. I thought I would be more driven and determined but I haven't had that emotion.
Well, here is to the Wasatch 100- CHEERS! Good Luck to all my friends running- here is to all of your success, whatever that might be.

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