Monday, July 26, 2010

Swan Crest 100 or bust!

So the time is almost here. My 2nd ever 100 mile trail race. I did the Wasatch 100 in 2008 and was put on my knees by course. Luckily for me I had an amazing crew and the best pacer you can find- Mr. Jaime. Looking back now I feel pretty fortunate to have all those people in my corner. It's hard to imagine what Scott went through that LOOOOOOOOONG day on the trail. 60 miles at a turtle pace. I appreciate it even more the more I run. I remember thinking that one day I wanted to try and 100 miler with no crew or pacer just to see if I could do it. forward to NOW!
I was hoping to have another 100 miler or 10 under my belt before I attempted such a thing but circumstances are what they are and going up to Montana I will be going SOLO. If you get a minute, check out the race info HERE. So 100 miles through grizzly bear country solo? I read it and thought what the hell but now I think WTF? Am I an idiot? Well okay, I am but seriously. I need to carry a can of bear spray the entire race, pre- race briefing has a video that is mandatory to watch on what to do in a bear encounter. There are only 49 runners and aide stations spread out -some 25 mile apart. The course markings well, let's say minimal to be nice. It will be an adventure. Am I ready- of course not.
My wife asked me what were my expectations. Well, to live and go under 36 hours. Simple right?
I had a more than tough month of June but July has been great. Being the co-RD for the NUTS races has taken it's toll on me but I still find time to do some nice running. Whatever happens on Friday and Saturday this week will be a great experience and one that will hopefully make me a stronger runner and human being. Maybe it is just what I need to re-charge and re-focus. I am planning on doing the Bear 100 in September so hopefully it will help me for that.
So after all my rambling I can honestly say I am very excited.....nervous....excited......nervous....excited......scared to death!
Whatever I am, one thing is for sure- I am not sane!


Brian Beckstead said...

Good Luck! The course looks incredible. 100's are always a little crazy so enjoy.

Christian said...

Ohhh, I'm jealous. I think the bears will only help faster. Seriously, looks like a good one and I'm sure the scenery will help the miles pass by. Have fun, I can't wait to hear the report.

Brad Mitchell said...

Best of luck!