Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to bloggin'

Who would have thought it would be so tough to keep up on a blog? Not me. Not enough hours in the day or maybe not enough interesting stuff to write about. Starting to put my race schedule together (on the right side here) for 2011 and set some goals. Had a great summer of taking up Race Directing and volunteering at local events and some time in between for running.
Got out yesterday for a nice 11 mile run in the rain and snow. Still dirt beneath the feet but can see the snow taking over up high. I am going to try and get out on a few more dirt runs then hit the slopes and throw on the yaktrax for some running. Got a good thing going and just want to keep it up.
Next race on tap will be the Moab Red Hot 50k- great way to break out of town to some red rocks in February.
See you on the trails!

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