Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shoulder Follow up

Well, got back from the Orthopedic and no surgery is needed...whew! I suffered a mild shoulder separation and a Grade II injury to the AC joint as well as trauma to the meniscus. I go back in 4 weeks to make sure the meniscus starts to heal properly. In the meantime I am out for 2 more weeks with no running so I need to get my road bike on the trainer in the basement. I was told I should feel pain for at least 6 weeks though....great. The ETA to resume running in the 24th of July which gives me 6 weeks until the Wasatch 100. Not sure how that will go but I guess we will find out.


BJ said...

Did you tell the doc you don't run with your damn shoulder! Just kidding. Bummer that the fun stuff got you hurt. Well at least it's only 2 weeks.

Manners said...

I will be back sooner I am betting...It happens, I dont regret it and I bet I do that again too.

Jon Allen said...

Bummer, man. XT, do some downhills when you can, and you'll be ok for Wasatch.