Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 Schedule - GULP!

So the schedule is set and it’s more than a little spooky. You know how easy it is when you are just sitting in front of a computer and looking at races. They all look great. There are the familiar ones, your favorite ones and of course the bucket list ones. I missed out AGAIN on Western States and Hardrock which is really not that surprising. Looking at those 2 and the number of lottery entrants increase every year there is a good chance I will never run these. Once those were ruled out it came down to going with Plan B and Plan C.
So let’s start with the familiar/favorites. Every year I look forward to the Moab Red Hot 55k. It is a great chance to get out of town after a long winter, test the legs, see the red rocks and the best part is seeing all the people. When I say all the people I mean my Ultra Friends. It is always nice to catch up and see some familiar faces. Next up-  the Buffalo Run on Antelope Island. Living in Utah and so close, this is a no brainer. It was my first ever trail race many years ago and I have run it every year but one (due to injury). The course is amazing, the RD is great (and a friend) and it organized and run better than any. Another favorite and local is the Timp Trail Marathon. I can see myself running this every year and never getting tired of it- Great course and not too far from home. The last and my favorite race is the El Vaquero loco 50k. I got to run it for the first time last year and fell in love. Ty does a great job and the course is breath-taking! The start/finish is awesome, the huckleberry soda and burger hit the spot and you get a sa-weet race hoodie! Enough said!
Now the “other races”:
Zion 100- need a little redemption from last year and getting lost after mile 52 with about a dozen other lucky soles.
Bryce 100- super excited for this one. Beautiful location and great RD. Just look at the photos of the course.
Tahoe Rim 50- been on my bucket list and things worked out perfectly. It also gives me an excuse to miss out on SpeedGoat this year.
Wasatch 100- really no explanation needed. This race will be the main focus race for the year. Gonna be all in for this one!
Bear 100- only 3 weeks after Wasatch but this one has been on the bucket list for years. Been pacing and crewing it for 5 years so its time!
The one run that I haven’t mentioned is “Softrock”. My good friend Scott Jaime will be taking on Hardrock again and invited me and some friends down to Silverton at the end of June to hit the Hardrock course over 3 days. This is gonna be brutal for sure but may be the one run I am looking forward to the most.
All in all 2013 will be huge for me. Lots of miles and at least a race a month from Feb-Oct. I have my eye on a few Nov and Dec races but I figure I better see where I am later in the year. Being a middle of the pack runner my schedule is real doable since I will not be red lining every race. I will have goals going into them but they will all be setting me up for Wasatch. (complete schedule on the right of the blog)
I hope to see many of you on the trails this year. Here’s to a safe and healthy 2013- set your Goals and CRUSH ‘em!

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Kelly Agnew said...

Looks like a great year! We'll be sharing a few epic adventures, too.