Monday, March 18, 2013

Pre-Race- Buffalo Run 50

Spring is here! Well technically it is a day or 2 away but at least dirt is finally here. Getting out on some dirt and rocks has proven to be a huge lift in training. My mind and body were going through a bit of a lull with all this snow. It has been great for skiing but poor for trail enjoyment. When the snow first came it was new and fun but after months of cold slip and sliding around it just got old. I stayed off the road and hit the treadmill once and that proved to be a bad idea (power went out and down I went).

With the Buffalo Run 50 only a few short days away I think I finally got my mind wrapped around it. I just need to remind myself that it is not a focus race and there are bigger fish to fry later in the year. I am heading into it less prepared than last year but the weather looks to be on my side with the highs in the mid to upper 40’s- which is a huge plus. Last year it got hot and hot quick- the heat won but I slowly got to the finish. This year I am going to head out and try and enjoy it and not put too much pressure on myself. I need to focus on the journey and not the destination. Unfortunately that is easier said than done but if can dial in the mental part I think it has the chance to be a fun day on the island. I am looking forward to seeing many friends and always making some new ones.

Today marks a new day for me as a runner. I have joined Team PI for 2013. For that past 6 years I have managed the Pearl Izumi Ultra Running Team and they decided to make some changes to their program heading into 2013. I stepped down and away and it has been a hard transition. I helped start the team many years ago with a few others and had big dreams for its future.  It surpassed my dreams in many ways so separating has been rough. However, just last week I was contacted to be an “athlete and ambassador” for Team PI and I was more than touched.  Looking at Team PI’s 2013 roster it was glaringly obvious I would falling more into the ambassador side of it (the roster is loaded with some amazing athletes and it’s a privilege and honor to me linked with them) and I am more than okay with that……I love PI. Their new E:Motion Line and their apparel. I have been a PI billboard for over 6 years and regardless of being on Team PI or not I would be wearing PI with pride. The E:Motion line is amazing- I have been wearing the Trail N1’s for a few months now and they feel great. Being a bigger non-Kenyanesque runner, I can still wear the lighter N1’s without worry up to 40 miles (farthest I have taken them so far).  I plan on using them for the Buffalo Run 50 this Saturday and I am not worried one bit.

I am really looking forward to a race heavy year and all it brings. The biggest challenge for me in 2013 may not be the miles or the physical abuse I am going to put myself through but the mental attitude to keep things in perspective. Being a part of the HUMR group here (Happy Utah Mountain Runners) will be the key. There are so many of them I admire and look up to for their positive attitudes. I just hope I can continue to learn and incorporate all they bring to the table.  They inspire me every day and that just may be what the doctor ordered for 2013.

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