Thursday, January 29, 2009

Everyone outta the pool!

Whew! So today I tackled something not so new but very daunting. Swimming! So apparently you can't just jump in and go. I met my friend Duane (triathlete) at 6am for a swim. About the only thing I got right was I had goggles. The first day was all about breathing. Yes breathing. I would have never thought...breathing. Talk about tough. One thing I am fortunate for is Duane. He was incredibly helpful and very patient. I am guessing if he wasn't there things wouldn't have worked out so well. In fact, I bet the life guard would have jumped in to try and save me- not because I was drowning but because it looked like I was drowning. After a little over an hour in the pool I started to feel more comfortable and with a few more tweaks, practice and gear- I may have a chance to look a little more graceful and not use so much energy. All in all it was an incredible workout.
Next Tuesday will be part 2 of "Manners in the pool".


Bryon Powell said...

The breathing is much easier if you remember to bring the snorkel.

Manners said...

Makes sense. I was using one of those swirly straws and boy did I struggle...