Monday, January 11, 2010

Solid week and a view on the Wasatch

Had a great week of running. Mixed in road and trail and finished with 22 miles up Farmington Canyon (4500' of climbing) to the towers and took a few shots on the Wasatch 100 course.
The week felt pretty good with little to no issues. Saturday I decided to hit an icy spot on the trail and land on the big right cheek. Bruised the ego but that was that.
Sunday I had a tough run. Got a few pictures to show. The header on my blog is from the towers in Farmington. Truly beautiful! I just saw a report that the air quality in Northern Utah is the worst in the nation. DAMN! We are finally first at something and it is bad air quality.
Well, here is a picture to prove it.

For the week I got in 50 miles on the button which is a good week for a guy like me. Hoping to build on it a bit. This week I will be doing some speed work. and speed have never been close friends.One thing I did to end the week is find dirt. It is January in the Wasatch mtns at 9500'. Sure felt nice to see some dry dirt.

And one last photo- here is the Maintenance shed aide station local on the Wasatch 100 course. Looks different than the last time I was there.


ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

Bad air? Must be blowing in from CA!

Brian Beckstead said...

Nice run! Call me next time to do something like that. We need to get some groups runs planned. Good luck this year.