Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 is under way

So last year was basically a wash. Learned a few things and it also looks like my Achilles is finally ready. I am getting some solid training in and I have registered for some great races. I may have figured out a great balance between family, work and running too. Being the Director for the Pearl Izumi-Smith Endurance Team really takes up a lot more time than anticipated but I have got to meet some amazing people and great athletes. SO let's just say 2010 is rolling and rolling fast!
So what does 2010 hold? Good question. I can plan the best I possible can but we all know that is never how it works out. For example, I just found out my chocolate lab (Trout) needs knee surgery- that's $1500 right off the top, plus the 4 new tires ($600)- oh and the bill I just got from the hospital for my daughter who was sick ($2300). So a few days into the New Year and I am $4400 light in the wallet ...errrr back account.
How do you plan for that? Well you don't. So now I am just trying to accept the good fortune and re-arrange my race and travel schedule.
So here is the plan for 2010- Feb- Moab Red Hot 50k, March -Buffalo Run 50 mile, April- Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim (i hope), May is free, June- Squaw Peak 50, Logan Peak Trail run, July- put in for Hardrock (i hope i don't get in this year), possible SpeedGoat 50k, August- El Vaquero Loco, Sept- Grand Teton Race and The Bear 100, Oct- Mtn View race on the Island and that should do it. There are a few more I would "like" to do though. i.e. Timp Trail Marathon (May), Big Horn (June) and Trans Rockies but that is out of my price range.
I feel pretty good about the year and my main goal is to stay healthy, get fit(ter) and enjoy my time on the trails. I really missed it last year.
So there are my plans- oh wait, I am in the process of putting together a local trail series here in Northern Utah (keeping my fingers crossed for USFS approval).
2010 will be a busy year but after missing 80% of 2009, I welcome it.
I hope everyone has a great 2010, stays healthy but most of all- enjoys their time doing whatever it is you do. Here is a great quote I heard not too long ago.
"Keep doing what you're doing until you can't do it anymore."


Brad Mitchell said...

Busy, busy, busy! Best of luck in all your endevours and to staying healthy! Your schedule looks packed and will become even more packed if you start RDing, but hopefully you can get up to the Wood River Valley for some short stuff (it's good for leg turn over!)
Saw the Team announcement - nice work - eveythings looking sharp!
Maybe see you at Buffalo, 25K for me.

Manners said...

It would be great to see you at Buffalo.