Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No such thing as bad weather

Gotta love that quote from Bill Bowerman. Got out today before work and hit the BST with Jim Skaggs. The original plan was to run on the island but we thought with the weather we should hit the mountain. Not only did we hit the mountain but some gnarly snowstorm stopped by to join us. We headed north from Rainbow Gardens and trudged up to the service road. The snow was deep. Mainly always above the ankle but some spots were easy mid shin. The fresh powder was light and beatiful but what laid beneath that was bumpy and crunchy. We looked like a couple drunk runners for most of the time. We got a great quad workout and a solid memory to boot.
Guess it's time to get some fast runs in on the dreadmill or road.
So my goal is to do the same thing I have done the last 2 years (haven't run long enough to make a long tradition)- run on the last day and first day of the year. Last year I was in Texas- 70 degrees and in shorts hitting some nice trails in Farmersville. This year will likely bring road and dreadmill. Either way, I am running and running pain free. Yep....pain free.

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